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A-trainer DTB.Long-term freelance trainer of the DTB.Multiple world and European champion as a coach with teams and individual players of the DTB.Long-standing base trainer for the Baden Tennis Association.Speaker and trainer of the B-trainer training at the Badischer Tennisverband.Member of the DTB teaching team.Author of many trainer series in the Deutsche Tennis Zeitung (DTZ).Owner of the TennisGate tennis and ball school in Villingen

Speaker in English, Spanish and German at many trainer workshops around the world for the ITF, PTR, DTB, ITA and USTA. From 1990 to 1995 he was responsible for the Boys National Team at the American Tennis Association and looked after the Bryan Brothers.1995 to 1998 DTB national trainer in Hanover - responsible for the junior team. 1999 - 2000 Mexican Tennis Federation, Mexico City, México Director of Development.Head of Player Development at the Palmer Tennis Academy. Founder and director of Centro Mextenis in Morelos, Mexico.Made many contributions to the ITF and other tennis media. More about Edgar Giffenig Giffenig Tennis website

A-trainer DTB.Longstanding talent promotion group leader and honorary trainer for the Baden Tennis Association.Media designer, specialist in tennis visualization since 2001.Visual coaching speaker in the B-trainer training of the Badischer Tennisverband.VizLibero Operator (3D analysis).Producer of the DTB Online Campus.Speaker at A-Trainer training courses at the DTB and ITF coaches workshops.iCoach expert

New Year Neidhardt

Author screening and testing, neurocentric training, mobilization, fascia training, functional warm-up, regeneration

Sports teacher & personal trainer.Former athletics and mental trainer of German Olympic teams Alpine skiing (Olympia 94 Lillehammer 2x gold Markus Wasmeier), Rainer Schüttler (best place in world ranking 5), Stefan Koubek (best placement in the world ranking 20). Mental coaching. "Rust removal trainer"
Website Silvester Neidhardt

Eva Birkle-Belbl

Expert and author for online seminars and trainer club media library

A-trainer DTB Graduated sports scientist with a focus on management

Head coach and club manager of the Freiburg tennis club Head of the tennis program at the University Sports University of Freiburg Club coach of the year 2019 Workshop Speaker ITF World Wide Coaches Conference Sofia 2017 and Belek 2015

Hans-Peter Born

Expert and author for online seminars and trainer club media library
Coach and player development

Trainer, instructor, author, speaker, mentor and moderator trained entire generations of coaches and ensured that the DTB's coaching education was raised to an internationally recognized level1992 - 2019 national coach and head of coach training for the German Tennis Federation 1983 - 1992 Association coach of the Württemberg Tennis Federation As a coach and captain, he was successful with his players and teams at European championships, European Cups and World Junior Cups (two world champions, one runner-up) and other international tournaments Speaker at seminars, training courses and congresses at home and abroad Coordinator and lecturer at the Cologne trainer academy Member of the ITF Coaches Commission 1996-2019 Author of specialist articles Project manager and author of the DTB Online Campus Project manager and speaker at the International DTB Tennis Congress Study of sports science DSHS Cologne as a certified sports teacher Studied as a certified trainer of the DOSB at the TA Cologne A license of the DTB State-certified tennis instructor 2006 and 2018 award for "Trainer of the Year" in the DTB 2011 Award for Coaches from Tennis Europe During his time as national coach, he looked after talents such as Kerber, Lisicki, Barthel, Siegemund, Petkovic, Zverev, Molleker and Kuhn

Stefan Schneider

Expert and author for online seminars and trainer club media library
Coach and club marketing

Degree in sport at the German Sport University in Cologne Owner of a tennis school with five locations Speaker at the A-trainer courses of the DTB Author DTB Online Campus Speaker in the Westphalian Tennis Association

Dr. Thimo Wiewelhove

Author speed and athleticism

Dr. of sports science | DOSB-A-Trainer license for competitive sport | Research Associate at the Chair of Training Science | Head of the Tennis Department in the Sports and Exercise Fields teaching and research department of the Sports Science Faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum | Sports science director at the center for sports medicine, training and performance diagnostics at the Elisabeth Hospital in Essen | Member of the speakers' council of the training science section of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) as well as the committee for sports science of the German Tennis Federation (DTB)

Caius Schmid

Author band workout

Long-time physiotherapist for Roger Federer, Ana Ivanovic, Marco Chiudinelli. Long-time physiotherapist for the Swiss Davis Cup and Swiss Fed Cup teams.Swiss Olympic Medical Team Athens 2004.Speaker at TennisGate workshops. B.Author of various specialist books and author of the TennisGate DVD “Tennis Workout with Thera-Band”.Owner of the physiotherapy center Corposana in Basel

Eberhard Schlömmer

Author of functional training

Graduated sports scientist and official trainer for the Functional Movement Screen® at Perform Better Europe.For over 12 years in the training and further education of trainers, physiotherapists and doctors.Specialist in functional training and functional movement.Instructor Functional Movement Screen FMS (R).Founder of the OutdoorCircuit movement.Personal trainer and expert and speaker for Perform Better in Europe.