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Essays in the History of Canadian Law: In honor of R.C.B. Risk

The collected essays in this volume represent the highlights of legal historical scholarship in Canada today. All of the essays refer back in some form to Risk's own work in the field.

David H. Flaherty, Jim Phillips, 1999


A History of Canadian Legal Thought: Collected Essays

This volume in the Osgoode Society's distinguished series on the history of Canadian law is a collection of the principal essays of Professor Emeritus R.C.B. Risk, one of the pioneers of Canadian legal history and for many years regarded as ...

R. C. B. Risk, G. Blaine Baker, Jim Phillips, 2006

Thus, the "interaction" term in the RCB anova can be understood as a sum of error terms for all treatment contrasts, and is the correct pooled error estimate for any treatment contrast. As Fisher and Wishart (1930) remarked when analyzing an ...


The Last Great Senator: Robert C. ByrdÆs Encounters with ...

O'Brien to RCB, April 11, 1965, Manatos to RCB, January 24, 1965, RCB to O'Brien, November 24, 1962, O'Brien to RCB, December 19, 1062, WHCNFFRCB, JFKL; Thomas Stafford, “Affairs of State: Comparatively, State Is Getting Its Share,” ...


Monetary and Financial Statistics: Compilation Guide

Banque Centrale des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (BCEAO), the Banque des États de l'Afrique Central (BEAC), and the ECCB. The MFSM and this Guide recommend that the RCB not be treated as a separate institutional unit, but rather should ...

International Monetary Fund, 2008


Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

located at the periphery of fixed tube-sheet exchangers are calculated as per RCB-7.23 and RCB-7.24, respectively. This is discussed next. Shell Longitudinal Stress, as., (RCB-7.22). The maximum longitudinal stress induced in the shell, asj ...


The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry

V In an effort to downplay his misuse of RCB and IMF reserves, Gerashchenko has insisted that the most RCB transferred to FIMACO at any one time was $ 1.4 billion, not the $ 50 billion alleged by Skuratov. 42 However, whether $ 1.4 billion or ...

Marshall I. Goldman, 2003


Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists

The experiment can then be analyzed as an RCB design with time as a blocking factor. One problem with using time as blocks is deciding whether time is a random factor. If we run the experiment over three successive weeks, for example, ...

Gerald Peter Quinn, Michael J. Keough, 2002


Nature and Significance of the Recent Carbonate Mound ...