How do I find an iCloud account

iPad / iPhone Forgot Apple ID - what to do?


With so many accounts and passwords in use today, it's hard to remember each one. If you don't remember your Apple ID, the following instructions can help:

Note: If you know your Apple ID but have forgotten your password, take a look at our "Forgot your Apple ID password - it helps" guide.

Check registration

Before you take any steps to restore your Apple ID, you should first check whether you are still signed in with your ID on one of your devices. This is the easiest and fastest way to find out your Apple ID. To do this, go to the Settings of your iPhone / iPad, there you will find this overview:

Find out the Apple ID on the iPhone / iPad

If you have your device to hand but are not logged in with your Apple ID, follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at our quick guide:

Search for Apple ID using the browser

There is a Apple websitewhere you can search for your Apple ID in any browser. Our guide will lead you to your Apple ID in two steps:


Contact Apple Support

If it was not possible for you to find out your Apple ID via the iPhone / iPad or the browser, you can still contact Apple Support. Open the page and select the topic "Forgot Apple IDThere are several ways to get support, such as a phone call with an employee.

Quick guide: restore Apple ID directly on the iPhone / iPad

  1. Open the Settings and tap "Sign in to the iPhone".
  2. Tap on "Don't yet have an Apple ID or have you forgotten it?".
  3. In the new window go to "Forgot Apple ID".
  4. The page "Forgot Password?". But tap below on"Forgot Apple ID".
  5. Give your First names, Surname and your E-mail address a. Confirm with "Further" top right.
  6. Now tap on "Proceed with registration"if you remember your password. If you don't, tap"Forgot Password".
  7. Now set your password either by email back or by answering your security questions.