When is contemporary art no longer appropriate?

Contemporary Arts
- what does it mean?

What is "contemporary art"? At first glance, the term seems relatively clear and self-explanatory. One could assume that this is basically about art by contemporaries (i.e. by artists who are currently living and working). In fact, this term is not as clearly defined as it seems and is sometimes used differently. It is often used to describe, for example, art after 1945 (post-war art). There are also other terms such as "contemporary art", "contemporary art" or "modern art" which contribute to the confusion of terms, because "modern art" means something different from the art-historical application, for example.
Where are the boundaries or does it all mean the same thing?

Contemporary Art / Current Art / Modern Art

Contemporary art means art, especially fine art, that is produced by contemporaries and perceived as significant by other contemporaries. As a rule, if a defined, previous time frame is not explicitly mentioned ("Z.K. of the 19th century"), this refers to contemporary art. Comparable terms in this context are current art and the English-language term contemporary art.

These terms are mainly used to avoid the designation modern art or avant-garde. In everyday language, modern stands for "contemporary, according to the taste of the times, modern" and in this respect can be considered synonymous with contemporary. In technical terms, in the context of art and cultural history, the term modern is more or less firmly linked to an epoch in art history that is not closed but is already historical.
Especially in connection with the emergence of the term postmodern (see postmodern architecture), modern is no longer necessarily considered contemporary or contemporary.

The terms contemporary art, contemporary art and contemporary art are not associated with any statements regarding concept, artistic style, technique, form or membership of an artistic movement, group or group. Contemporary art can be painting, but it can also be in a form that has only established itself in recent years and decades, such as video art, computer art or conceptual art.

The terms contemporary art and contemporary art can not only target the individual work of art, but also a cultural and economic system of art production that is difficult to define, which partially overlaps with the art business and is partially oriented towards the art market. Many museums and regular art exhibitions around the world see themselves as exhibition locations for relevant contemporary art.

The most important exhibitions for contemporary art are the Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia), which takes place every two years in Venice, and the documenta, which takes place every five years in Kassel. In connection with the terms contemporary art and current art, the organizers of the documenta 12 exhibition (in 2007) emphasized that "current" does not mean that the works were created yesterday. They must be meaningful to us today. "

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