What is a micro-singularity


A Singularity, also Quantum singularity called, is a point in the space-time continuum with an infinitely high density of matter or energy.

In natural form, singularities occur in the center of black holes. (VOY:The parallax, Hunter)

Contact with quantum singularities Edit source]

An alien space-time species incubates its young in natural quantum singularities like black holes. In 2369 they confuse the quantum singularity of a Romulan warbird with a natural black hole and cause energy supply problems when building their "nest". When the USS Enterprise comes to the rescue and supplies the warbird with energy via an energy beam, this triggers a temporal anomaly. (TNG:Trapped in a temporary fragment)

In 2373 the USS discovered Voyager, the Northwest Passage, which is filled with many quantum singularities. (VOY:Scorpio, part I.)

Three years later, in 2374, a network of space stations was found that had a black miniature hole as an energy source. After the USS Voyager is attacked by several Hirogen spaceships in the vicinity of such a space station, CaptainKathryn Janeway has the containment field weaken with an antithoron pulse to trigger a gravitational pull. Since the USS Voyager is much more agile than the Hirogen spaceships, it should get such a combat advantage. However, the antithoron impulse triggers a chain reaction in which the containment field collapses and the relay station is sucked into the black hole. Another chain reaction causes the containment fields of all other relay stations to collapse and thus destroy the entire network. The Hirogen chasers are also sucked into the now exposed black hole and destroyed. (VOY:Hunter)

Microsingularity [edit | Edit source]

In the Microsingularity it is a small version of a quantum singularity. Microsingularities have not yet been proven in the 22nd century, but the Vulcans in particular not only take their existence for granted but also blame them for various effects. Human scientists, on the other hand, are more skeptical, they consider them a volcanic myth, phantoms. Captain Jonathan Archers jokes that the Vulcans even believe they are the cause of colds. (ENT:Alone)

Evidence of these singularities is provided by the crew of the Enterprise provided. Some of these singularities damage a Tesnian spaceship that the Enterprise tried to establish initial contact. Due to the sometimes severe system failures on the Tesnian ship, it gets into an uncontrolled flight position and collides with the Enterprise. Some time later, CommanderTucker and LieutenantReed, who are on an outside mission with Ferry 1, find the remaining debris on an asteroid. As they persevere, some of these micro-singularities also affect their ship's systems. Ultimately, T'Pol comes up with evidence when she goes through the sensor data on the recording and discovers some strange data relating to the polarized hull armor. (ENT:Alone)

Artificial quantum singularity Edit source]

A artificial quantum singularity is an artificial source of gravity and a temporary, highly bundled opening in the space-time continuum and has a specific energy signature. Once activated, it cannot be deactivated. TNG:Trapped in a temporary fragment, The face of the enemy)

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