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How To: Block YouTube Channels

We spend a lot of time on YouTube as it is by far the most popular video sharing service in the world. The more time you spend on YouTube, the greater the chance you'll come across a channel that you just can't stand. By default, there's no intuitive way to block a YouTube channel that you don't like.

As you probably already know, YouTube automatically recommends videos based on your search history and previously visited videos and channels. While the feature has improved dramatically in recent years, it's still far from perfect. No algorithm will ever be as good as the content you receive yourself. Maybe you disagree with a Youtuber's opinion on a certain topic, or maybe the account is children and you're trying to prevent them from seeing NSFW content.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can block certain channels, but none of them are obvious. Below is a collection of methods that you can use to block YouTube channels. Go through all of them until you find a solution that helps with your problem.

Method 1: YouTube video recommendations are rejected

The first logical step would be to try YouTube's internal ability to block channels. I said this partly because there is no way to block channels on YouTube. The only thing you can do is to prevent certain videos from appearing in your recommended feed. If you combine some videos from the channel you want to avoid, YouTube will stop recommending videos from that channel to you.

You can decline a YouTube video recommendation by clicking the Three point symbol click. From there click on Not interested. After that, repeat the process with some other videos from this channel and I guarantee you will never see videos from this channel again.

Method 2: Using the Video Blocker Extension in Chrome, Opera, or FireFox

This method is by far the most efficient way to block a YouTube channel. To this day, it's still the only way to completely block channels on YouTube. You can use this extension to block content in three different ways. You can block them either by channel, by keyword, or by wildcard.

All content accessible through the Video blocker blocked will be completely removed from your YouTube account. When you finish using the method below, you will no longer be able to find any content from these particular channels in the recommendation bar. What's more, the channel won't be visible even if you search for it.

The following steps were made in Chrome done, but in Firefox and Opera things are identical.

  1. Open your web browser and go to the "Extension" tab.
    Note: In Chrome, click the action button (three dots), go to Other tools and click on Extensions .
  2. Scroll all the way down and tap Receive further enhancements .
    Note: In Firefox, go to Settings, click on Extensions and look for Video blocker .
  3. Are you looking for Video blocker and tap Add To Chrome . After that, make sure you click on extension click add so that you can assign the appropriate permissions.
  4. You will know the Video blocker Extension is fully installed when you get a notification in the top right corner.
  5. If Video blocker installed, you can block a channel simply by right-clicking any video and Videos from this channel Select block.
  6. If you give this channel a second chance, you can simply remove it from the blacklist. Just tap that Video blocker Icon in the upper right corner. From there go to the tab Add and click on that X next to the channel you just blocked.
  7. You can also use the Add tab to add more channels that will be blocked. Just enter the exact name and hit the + Button. Make sure you enter the same name with the correct spaces or it won't work.

Block multiple YouTube channels with video blocker

If you need to block multiple channels, you can streamline the whole process. You can block multiple YouTube channels at the same time by creating a JSON file and importing it into the Video Blocker extension.

You can use almost any text editor that can save JSON files. I used Notepad ++. To block multiple files with Video Blocker, please follow the steps below:

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  1. Load up Notepad ++ or an equivalent text editor.
  2. Create a new text file and add the following block of code:
    [{key: name, type: channel},
    {Key: name, type: channel},
    {Key: name, type: channel},
    {Key: name, type: channel},
    {Key: name, type: channel},]
  3. Change the on each line Names for each channel you want to block. If 5 entries are not enough, create as many lines as you need. Just make sure your line of code starts and ends with].
  4. When you're done building the list, go to file and click on Save as .
  5. Name your file whatever you want, but save it with the JSON extension.
  6. Now switch to Chrome and click on the Video blocker Extension. From there click on the Import button .
  7. click You click Choose File and wait for the previously created list to be imported.
  8. Now return to the tab Add the extension Video Blocker back. The list should be visible there.

Method 3: blocking a Youtube user

Heckling are everywhere and YouTube is no different. If you are unlucky to see a user constantly hating in your comments section, then you can just silence them.

While this won't exactly block your channel, it will do a good job of silencing it. If videos from that particular user appear on your recommended list, make sure you follow Method 1 and remove recommendations from that channel.

The steps to block a YouTube user differ from platform to platform, but we'll cover both desktop and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

On desktop devices

  1. With the YouTube web version open, find the user you want to block.
  2. Once you're on that channel, click on the section over .
  3. Look for the flag icon. If you can't see it in the upper right pane, look near the total number of views in the lower right pane.
  4. click on Block user .
  5. Now confirm your selection by clicking on Send click.

On mobile devices (Android and iOS)

If you want to sign in a user through your mobile app, you can easily do so using the steps below. You can't comment on any of your posts, but you may still find some videos from this channel on your recommended bar. If you want to prevent that from happening, follow method 1. To block YouTube users from Android or iOS:

  1. Start the YouTube app and look for the channel you want to block.
  2. Tap the channel and expand the action button.
  3. Now tap on Block users and confirm your selection by clicking again Press block .

Method 4: using restricted mode

in the restricted mode will hide many videos that have previously been flagged for inappropriate content by users. YouTube also uses various other signals such as description, video title, and community guidelines to identify problematic videos. If you want to get rid of questionable YouTube content, this might be your best choice.

If English is not your first language, don't worry, this mode is available in many different languages. It's also a safe way to let your kids watch YouTube.

You can enable restricted mode by tapping the user icon in the top right corner of the screen. From there click on Restricted mode.

After you activate it, YouTube will automatically filter the content according to various guidelines.

PRO TIP:If the problem occurs with your computer or laptop / notebook, you should try using Reimage Plus software which can search the repositories and replace damaged and missing files.This works in most cases where the problem is due to system corruption.You can download Reimage Plus by clicking here