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5 easy campfire songs for the ukulele

Ukulele sing-along hits that everyone knows

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With the ukulele to the next barbecue party, to the swimming pool, to the beach: it fits in every luggage, ensures a good mood just by being there and is the perfect accompaniment instrument for singing. Anyone who still has songs in their repertoire that everyone knows and can join in with, is in the center of attention with their ukulele anyway.

We have selected five such titles that everyone really knows, with simple chords that you can quickly grasp and play. Including sing-along hits like Take me home, country roads or the two Bob Dylan classics Blowin 'in the wind and Knockin 'on Heavens Doorwho have favourited The Beatles Ballad Let it be and last but not least the Reinhard Mey hit Above the clouds.

This is how it works

Of course, the ukulele has to be part of the luggage as the leading actress Tuner, or an equivalent Tuner app for smartphones, of which there are various for the various operating systems. Also ideal if you can safely store your instrument in between, either in your own bag or case or at least in your backpack. It should also be protected there in case the weather forecast did not predict one or the other drop exactly.

So that you as a ukulele beginner can celebrate your premiere as a musician in a short time, we have made a short video for each song, in which the process and beat patterns can be seen. Our songs are also available as PDF to download. It is best to print out several copies so that everyone can really sing along. The beat patterns are a little help, of course you can also give each song your own rhythm. If you find it difficult to play and sing at the same time at the beginning, you can simply strike each chord just once at the point where it can be seen on the sheet instead of the beat pattern. Or you just leave the singing to the others.

5 easy campfire songs for ukulele

Take me home, country roads

The classic by John Denver celebrates home and the feeling of feeling at home. The black-distilled schnapps is also paid homage to, but a cold beer should be enough for our campfire. In any case, the song creates a feeling of togetherness and community, and at the latest when it comes to the chorus, everyone joins in. It was not for nothing that this hit was voted Country Song of the Century and the anthem of the US state West Virginia. It should not be missing in any ukulele repertoire.

Above the clouds

Campfire - that also means switching off, getting out of everyday life and experiencing a carefree time. This title by Reinhard Mey transports the longing for vastness and distance in a poetic way, and when we play the song with the so-called Island Strum, the corresponding holiday feeling arises. Especially in the open air on a cozy summer evening, the title fits wonderfully. Older people immediately feel transported back to their youth, but the title is so well known that even the younger ones can sing along to the chorus without any problems.

Let it be

For those cozy moments around the campfire, we have added this Beatles evergreen to our list. And because the chords C, G, Am and F are, so to speak, the basics of the ukulele, they belong to the basic equipment and to the first chords that you learn on this instrument.

Blowin 'in the wind

Among our five ukulele hits, this title is actually the grandfather of sing-along songs. It's already half a century under its belt, established itself as an anti-war anthem and is an important part of the folk-rock movement. True to the motto "Keep it simple", this song unfolds its effect best when it is accompanied by just one instrument, and of course the powerful choir of all those present.

Knocking on heavens door

The simplest song in our selection not only has four chords, but is also always the same in sequence. It has already been interpreted several times by bands from different genres and leaves a lot of space for your own creativity. So, depending on your mood, you can either play the song quite melancholy or a little faster. Here, too, you can be sure that all bystanders will join in.

With this small selection of songs you are well prepared for the next celebration. Don't forget to download the accompanying PDF.

If you don't have a ukulele yet, you can find ours Buying advisor for ukuleles all important information. Have fun and many unforgettable moments.

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