Is complete independence a strength or a weakness

Strengths and weaknesses are your key to success

Strengths and weaknesses in the job interview

Classic question in almost every job interview: "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" I hate that question, and so do you. What should one answer to that? It can only go wrong. I'm always honest and I'm always late? That's exactly how I am, but do I want my future boss to think I'm unreliable because I'm prone to being late? What if I state reliability as a strength? Will this be taken from me then?

In all honesty: My strengths and weaknesses are:

Actually, it doesn't really matter what you answer. Your strengths and weaknesses are not revealed in what you answer, but in how you respond to that question. Do you let uncomfortable questions disturb you? Then that's a weakness. If you stay in the conversation and manage to appear calm, that is a strength.

How do I know my real strengths and weaknesses?

The question about your strengths and weaknesses is not only asked by HR managers, at the latest when choosing your apprenticeship you will ask yourself: What are my strengths and weaknesses? In which school subjects am I good, in which do I regularly fail? What does my school report say about me? what do my friends think? how do my teachers rate me?

You know what? It doesn't matter what others think of your strengths and weaknesses! Don't let anyone tell you anything!

I know it is damn hard to know in the last school year where your own strengths and weaknesses lie, but does a bad grade in a subject really mean that a subject is not? Or should a good grade determine the next 40 years of your life?

When I was at school, my "willingness to communicate" was always interpreted by almost every adult as a major weakness. My favorite subjects were math and biology, but that couldn't be because girls 1. don't know math and I wasn't particularly interested in plants in organic (as if organic were all about plants). At least that was the opinion of my teachers. According to my teachers, I should never have gone to high school anyway.

What if I don't have any strengths?

I would have loved to study psychology, but obviously I was too stupid and lazy to study. My teachers had successfully persuaded me to do this for 13 years (yes, at that time the Abitur in Berlin was still 13 years and yes, I'm really old). So I didn't have any strengths, just weaknesses according to my teachers. What do you do with it when you have to decide on your future career path? How about a little break? Who says you always have to have a plan for everything? Planning and spontaneity can be great strengths, but also weaknesses. Usually one is more inclined to either side. Which side do you lean towards? Planners can quickly become confused by unexpected questions. If you are more spontaneous and rarely have a plan of what to expect, you may be able to react faster to unfamiliar situations and find an interesting answer to the question about your strengths and weaknesses more quickly, the question not answered directly, but yours Strength demonstrated impressively. Maybe you have it with your spontaneous manner but also not so much with punctuality?

But back to the subject of training: If I had listened to the career counselor at the employment office, I would have trained in sports because I consistently had a 2 in sports, but didn't everyone have that? Myself, I always thought I was relatively unsportsmanlike, so a career in sports didn't make any sense to me. I applied to various event organizers for an apprenticeship as an event manager, but none of them wanted me because of my diploma. They didn't even want to get to know me and then my great strength struck "SpontaneityA friend told me that the next day the application deadline for wholesale and foreign trade in his training company would end. Not quite what I was looking for, but what did I have to lose? I wrote the same thing Day my application and handed it to him so that he could hand it to his trainer the next morning. I was invited straight to the interview and there it was again the big question about my strengths and weaknesses and even though I was given them Having asked this question so many times, I didn't have a good answer and that's exactly what I called my great weakness. The instructor liked the answer. It was spontaneous and honest. That's exactly what he wanted to see

"To be honest, chocolate is my big weakness, but I have a 5 point plan that will successfully keep this stuff out of reach"

That would be an interesting answer that might even get you a little laugh on your side. Sympathetic, honest and spontaneous and it even contains a plan: D In addition, the chances are good that someone you are talking to has the same weakness and can identify with you as a result. Take advantage of that! People of the same kind stick together. No wonder employers prefer to hire people who are similar to them in some way. This also means that you will certainly not be able to convince every HR manager with a saying like this. Some people are just joking. If I ever asked such a question to an applicant and they answered like this, that person would have won my heart. I'm not that into chocolate, but funny, spontaneous, honest people.

This is my personal weakness:

As you can see, my ability to communicate is actually one of my weaknesses. How else could I have told you in 830 words about strengths and weaknesses in choosing a career without answering the actual question?

The only really important strength for employers is reliability

The most important thing regardless of the job is that you are reliable. Whether you state this explicitly or write it in your application is of secondary importance. More important are the curriculum vitae and job references. If your former employers say that you cannot be relied on, you will not be invited to the interview in the first place. If you get the job, you first have to prove yourself, regardless of everything you said or wrote during the application process. Actions count louder than words! So don't screw it up.

You have a six month trial period. During this time, your employer can terminate you at any time. Be sure that by the end of the probationary period at the latest, your employer will ask your colleagues what they think of your strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, your colleagues will not decide whether you can stay or leave, but the person who decides that will throw their assessment into the balance.

Strengths and weaknesses are in the eye of the beholder

Yes exactly, you decide what strengths and weaknesses are and that also applies to everyone else. What someone thinks is a strength is automatically a weakness if precisely this ability that is assumed to be strength is missing. Unless you are a really empathic person who empathizes well with others and can listen instead of judging. Nothing is absolute so don't let it get you down. If you are still not clear about your own strengths and weaknesses, accept them and give yourself the time and self-reflection it takes to get to know yourself. You still have all your life to do it.

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