What happened to Gautam Buddha's body

What is the concept of dying in Buddhism?

In Buddhism the idea prevails that the individual life is not limited by birth and death, but that depending on what positive or negative one acquires in life - this is called karma - one comes into a rebirth and into a new life. The quality of this new life is based on the karma acquired in the previous life.

This cycle of rebirths, which is also described in the Book of the Dead, can exert a fascination on us in that we say: I might find a second chance there. - For many people this is a very nice idea.

For the Buddhist, rebirth is a terrible idea

But for the Buddhist the idea of ​​rebirth is actually an abomination, because he keeps coming back into this wheel of life, into this eternal cycle. Linked to this is the idea of ​​acquiring so much positive karma at some point that one can leave this cycle of rebirths and enter nirvana.

However, it is also very difficult for Buddhists to become so free of suffering and emotion, almost free of emotions, that one actually manages to break out of this cycle of rebirths. Because the prerequisite for this is that you leave all emotions, all feelings, the negative as well as the positive, and concentrate completely on the spirituality.

Practicing this is the point of meditation - that I almost leave myself.