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Training as a paramedic

What do I do as a paramedic?

As a paramedic you have different tasks and areas of application. In the case of an emergency rescue in the medical service, you support paramedics or act as the driver of the ambulance. In all the hustle and bustle, you keep calm and don't let yourself be distracted. If there is no emergency doctor on site, you are responsible for caring for the victim and helping the paramedics perform resuscitation or stop bleeding. As a paramedic, you are confronted with injuries, some of which are serious, which in the worst case can have fatal consequences. You should be prepared for it and be mentally and physically able to care for patients and their relatives psychologically. After the ambulance has been transported, the patient will receive further treatment in the clinic and you will clean and disinfect yourself and the ambulance. As a paramedic, you make sure that you and the car are always ready for action. You will then write an emergency protocol and an operational report. Dealing with the PC is also part of your existence as a lifesaver!

If you are not on a mission, you do gate and telephone services at the rescue station and organize the rescue operations. During your paramedic training, it may well happen that you are ordered beforehand at major events such as concerts or city festivals. Just in case, you have to take care of injuries and visitors with circulatory problems there.

After your training you will regularly refresh your knowledge, because in order to keep your "license" you have to attend around 30 hours of training every year. If you would like to advance your career in the rescue service, you can also train to become a paramedic or paramedic.

You should become a paramedic if ...
  1. close physical contact with people is not a problem for you.
  2. you already have experience as a rescue worker or first aider and feel up to the responsibility.
  3. you like to work with technical devices.
Under no circumstances should you become a paramedic if ...
  1. you can't see blood and can't work under pressure.
  2. you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for a long time.
  3. you don't feel like working on the weekend.
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