How were leggings invented

What does leggings actually mean? And where do the leggings come from?

The term is a bit of a tongue twister, you have to concentrate a little in order to pronounce it correctly. But where do the leggings come from? Who just made that up?

The history of leggings

The leggings are ankle-length or calf-length women's pants that are tight on the leg. “Leg” is applied. The origin of the term is clear, and our ancestors in North America, Asia and Europe wore leggings, back then still made of leather, to protect against thorns or snakebites, for example.

In the 20th century, the tight-fitting and comfortable trousers were often used for clothing for sports, gymnastics or ballet. It was simply practical, allowed good freedom of movement, kept muscles warm and - depending on the material - absorbed sweat well. The first functional materials based on nylon, lycra and elastane were born.

Back to the roots!

And in the 80s, tight-fitting trousers were also totally hip in the leisure sector for the first time. After that, the leggings disappeared completely into oblivion for about 25 years, dusted off in the moth box, and then celebrated a grandiose fashion comeback at the beginning of the new millennium. A few variants followed, such as the treggings (trousers + leggings) or jeggings (jeans + leggings), which are no less successful than the original.

The 4 biggest advantages of leggings compared to jeans!

  1. Fits tightly and goes along with every movement
  2. Is usually much more breathable
  3. Does not press and leaves room for the individual body shape
  4. Significantly cheaper price - good leggings are available from around € 20

Leggings overtakes jeans when selling online!

Today it is impossible to imagine the fashion business without leggings. According to studies from the United States, more leggings are sold online than jeans. They are often combined with hot pants or mini skirts, which make them wearable even in winter. Conclusion: A piece of clothing with history, nowadays easy to wear solo or in combination, leggings are hardly missing in the wardrobe of today's fashion-conscious lady.

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