Are all mobile phone numbers 10 digits

strange cell phone number

07/10/2005 18:52 - Started by MC-Crypt
have a question and hope you can help me here.

I recently got a cell phone number from a friend that struck me as weird.


can that be the phone numbers with 0 at the beginning? I've never seen it like this before.

Thanks in advance
[1] dandy85 replies to MC-Crypt
Yes that's right. Vodafone is currently assigning run numbers in the alley 01520. I think the zero is also part of the area code in this case. Just like the 01609 area code at T-Mobile back then.

Kind regards
[1.1] MC-Crypt replies to dandy85
cool, thank you very much for the info, now I'm reassured :-)
[1.1.1] Mogul replies to MC-Crypt
These are the eight-digit UMTS numbers, which are, however, not yet used in large numbers.
[] AnnaB answers Mogul
User Mogul wrote:
These are the eight-digit UMTS numbers, which are, however, not yet used in large numbers.
Yes, the GSM mobile phone numbers were only 7-digit, sometimes used as a 6-digit number with a 7th check digit (planned number of users: 4 million?) Then new GSM prefixes were assigned for all networks, now also partially in 8 -digit usage (0160 etc).
But: If there are ever prices and applications for the use of IP address computers in the UMTS cellular network, the number of numbers will run out very quickly there too: number capacity 40 million UMTS numbers (if the check digit is dispensed with!). Expandable with the same number length to 100 million using all area codes from 0150 to 0159. Then let's see whether every car / building alarm system and mobile computer can be provided with UMTS [affordable] ;-)). Long live the multicards & Co.?
So I would have recommended 10-digit phone numbers with a check digit (which could have been omitted if there were more phone numbers required) (even if, for example, Nokia [even?] Unfortunately does not particularly support such phone number lengths [is already optimized for small countries = short phone numbers]) ); UMTSv2 number allocation soon: Mapping of all IP addresses in Germany to UMTS numbers?

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