What are some common misconceptions about espresso

And this is how it works, the “dolce caffè vita” from your To-Toskana team:

Un caffè
This is an espresso, as I'm sure you know. If you use the word “espresso” to order, you will of course also get one, but the Italians call it “caffè”. In any case, you will have more success and fun ordering the Italian way.

Un caffè ristretto
Extra strong espresso in a small cup! This little miracle gives your system an incredible boost.

An espresso with some warm, frothed milk and foam. Without the well-known cocoa powder. Strong cappuccino? “Cappuccino con doppio caffè”. Less milk? "Un cappuccino scuro." When the morning is over please order another type of coffee to keep your barista happy.
If you order a cappuccino after lunch, or worse, after dinner, you will get a friendly but stern response. “Do you really want a cappuccino, now?” Sometimes it is not possible to order a cappuccino after 11am. Some restaurants won't be able to prepare it either.

latte macchiato
A glass of warm milk with a little espresso. Without foam and served in a larger cup. A real morning coffee for Italians.

Caffè Americano
This is an espresso that has hot water added to it. Together with the lungo, this corresponds to a regular coffee. Italians almost never drink this coffee, it is more for tourists. The lungo is the stronger version of it.

Caffè Lungo
Served in a larger cup with more water (40ml) poured into it. If you feel like having a regular cup of coffee, this one will make you happy.

Caffè Macchiato
Espresso with some warm milk and foam. Other types are “macchiato caldo” with hot milk, “macchiato freddo” with a dash of cold milk or “macchiato con schiuma di latte” with milk foam - only with milk foam! It's okay to order that little puff of milk throughout the day.

Caffè Doppio
Double espresso - really strong! Take care of your heart.

Un deca
Decaffeinated coffee, also available as “caffè deca”, “cappuccino deca”, etc.

Caffè con panna
Esspresso with whipped cream, known in some countries (it's true!) As cappuccino.

Caffè freddo
Ice-cold coffee, best to order in summer. An espresso with ice cubes and sugar. Or order the hip “caffè shakerato” (shake it!). All ingredients are shaken until they are creamy soft. Nice served in a champagne glass or wine glass.

Caffè corretto
Espresso with a dash of liqueur such as grappa or something bitter. Usually drunk as an aperitif.

Caffè affogato - coffee for dessert
Round off the day with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that sinks into a hot, fresh espresso. Hot espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream: Gelato con caffè. Super easy to make such a delicious dessert.