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This page has been updated on 2010-03-03 for the release of Shareaza v2.5.2.1.


What's the best way to deliver new content with Shareaza?

Danger! Please read Shareaza's license agreement regarding the distribution of illegal content with Shareaza.

  • Step 1 Add the files you want to publish to Shareaza's library.
  • step 2 Make sure that what you want to publish does not already exist on the network to avoid multiple file variants. You can do a manual search or just right click on the file:

Right click> Search for> Similar files

  • step 3 Navigate to the file properties metadata tab.

Right click file> Properties> Metadata

Add as much information as you can so that other users can take an interest in the file and learn about its contents before they begin the download.

  • Step 4 Click on "Rating" (next tab) and write a short summary and / or rate the file according to its quality.

  • Step 5 In the release tab select "Release" as the label.

Tools> Settings> Upload

Click the "New ..." button and give the new queue a name, such as "Release". Put a tick in front of it Mark: and then select "Release" from the drop-down menu. Also try to reserve as large a bandwidth as possible for this queue. (See image)

How do I publish a file on all (a single) network?

Connect to the network (s) to publish / distribute files on it. If you have connection problems, visit this wiki page.

Please note that you need to create and distribute a .torrent file in order to share files via BitTorrent.

General tips

  • Send a magnet link to your friends who may be interested in your publication. You can also use the following websites, for example:
  • Try to stay connected to as many networks as possible for as long as possible to ensure the file (s) are fully uploaded.
  • Do not forget to set the slider on the bandwidth monitor to MAX in order to speed up other users' downloads when you are not currently using the Internet.

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