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LM.C in an exclusive interview

Even if time was short and Aiji and maya from LM.C did not have time for the planned interview before the concert, the organizers still managed to make this interview possible by informing the two musicians about their getting to know each other, the formation of the band, speak their music and all sorts of other things. Learn more about the two likeable musicians of this crazy rock band from Japan!
animePRO: Hello you two. Could you please introduce yourself briefly?
Maya: I am maya. And I've been loving drinking Coca-Cola lately.
Aiji: I'm Aiji and I play the guitar at LM.C. Currently playing bass too. But since we're only two members of LM.C, we both play a lot of instruments.

animePRO: How did you meet? How did LM.C come about?
Aiji: I am maya's “sempai” and he is my “kohai” in the music industry. We are also from the same region in Japan. That's why we even know each other.
Maya: To be honest, LM.C was created bit by bit. At first I just wanted to start a band and was looking for members, so I asked Aiji for help. He knows a lot of musicians, but somehow nobody really suited my idea, and in the end I asked Aiji myself whether it would be okay for him if we founded LM.C together.
Aiji: In the beginning I just wanted to be the producer of maya's band, but then with the end of my previous band I became part of LM.C as a musician.

animePRO: What was your goal at the beginning of LM.C?
Aiji: We were happy and wanted to focus on making good music that makes people listen. That was our main goal and we thought that at some point if we keep doing this we will see a good result too. It was fun for us. However, we never really talked about whether LM.C should be a long term project or what our lyrics should express.
animePRO: Make good music ... do you think you have achieved this goal?
Aiji & Maya: Yes, in any case!

animePRO: maya and Aiji, you have both been in other bands before and you have gained a lot of stage experience as a result. How did that affect you and how does it affect LM.C's music?
Aiji: My previous band was relatively well known. I believe that I had the chance to get to know a lot of people and also staff members and to gain experience. I wanted to bring all of this to LM.C too.
Maya: I was a guitarist in my previous band (editor's note: he was in Miyavi's support band) so it was different ... but most importantly, that's why I met Aiji. I think that's the only good thing I can remember from that time.
Aiji: Whao! That's mean! Think of the fans from that time, they are sure to be sad! (laughs)
Maya: Yes ... but that was a long time ago! However, I didn't wander from band to band. I used the time to practice and study ... I can't remember exactly what was going on.
Aiji: So in a way, you only have good memories ?!
Maya: Yes exactly. Not a single bad one!
Aiji: Well that's good too!

animePRO: Several Japanese musicians have already been to Germany in the last few years. Why did you decide to perform in Germany?
Aiiji: Yes ... because Sae from Soundlicious and "T" from Gekido Tours invited us, right? (laughs)
Maya: Yes. Exactly for this reason.
Aiji: We didn't actually choose it. We don't beg for invitations, we prefer to wait for someone to ask us, then we'll be happy to come. It is better if we are invited by an organizer because that means that there are fans in this country who are waiting for us. So ... to be honest, we came to Germany because they asked us to.

animePRO: Did you have time to visit something in Germany?
Aiji & Maya: No! Not at all. (at the same time!)
Aiji: What have we done...? We didn't even eat sausage! (laughs)
animePRO: ... Maybe you slept on the bus, then played a show and then slept again, etc.?
Aiji: Yeah almost. But next time I want to see a little something.
Maya: Absolutely! Next time, let's take our time.
animePRO: And which places do you want to visit? What kind of food do you want to try?
Aiji: Well, sausage and beer! That is actually very little. But I have this image in my head of Germans who drink more beer than water. I would like to see the everyday life of Germans, try normal food. It would be great to experience a bit of the “German way of life”. Actually, I want to do that in every country we travel to.
Maya: I would love to just walk through the streets of German cities.

animePRO: How was your live in Cologne? That was your first appearance in Germany.
Maya: The light was ... not enough I guess.
Aiji: It was incredible, so many people, so much energy. But it was dark. It was the first time that we performed in such a dark hall !! And that's why we couldn't see our fans so well ...
Maya: Yes, that was a shame.
Aiji: But towards the end of the concert the rear areas were also illuminated, so we could see our satisfied fans there too.
animePRO: How were the fans? Did you enjoy your show?
Aiji: I think they had a lot of fun.
Maya: I was impressed by a VERY young front row fan ... I wanted to ask him how old he is, but I couldn't. I think he was around 8 years old I'm pretty sure of that.
animePRO: How was it for you to play in front of German fans?
Aiji: You can't say that exactly because it wasn't just Germans. Generally speaking, it's our first world tour. Only now do I really realize that we couldn't know if there really were that many people waiting for us. We do our best at every show, but there are still so many cities where we haven't been. So many countries. Next time we'll do better, then it'll be a real world tour. But we were happy wherever we could play.

animePRO: Do you have any rituals before a gig?
Maya: No not true. But I always look in the mirror one more time before I go on stage.
Aiji: Well, at least I try to exchange a few words with each support member. There has to be time for that.
animePRO: LM.C's logo is shaped like a rabbit. That and your band name are very unusual and original. Why did you choose a rabbit?
Maya: Well ... it's not a rabbit! It's a bit bunny-like, but actually it only has long ears.
Aiji: Exactly, a lot of people misunderstand that.
Maya: Yes, but we wanted an impressive logo that was recognizable.
Aiji: And also something sweet and cool.
animePRO: Is there no special meaning?
Maya: No, not really. We wanted to avoid that because we already had enough of it. I just wanted something without meaning, a simple and simple sign or logo.
Aiji: Of course, LM.C stands for our homepage, but we don't really want to reduce it to that.
animePRO: Does that mean that there are other synonyms for LM.C?
Aiji: Yeah yeah For example in our song "@Funny Phantom", there is a place where Maya sings "Lonely Monkey Crazy". That too is LM.C. Or the title “Loud-Mucker-Complex”. But we want people to know us as LM.C, not as “Lovely Mocochang”.
Maya: Yes, I totally agree with you.

animePRO: I like your styling. It's very special, and you mix a lot of black with bright and bright colors like pink, yellow, red and purple. Aiji, how do you like this look? It's quite a change when you think of your old band.
Aiji: Each band has its own image and style. It is no different at LM.C. We developed this styling ourselves, together with maya and a stylist. We are creative and yes I like it a lot.

animePRO: The sound of LM.C is often described as "New Century Electro Rock". How would you describe your style and your music?
Aiji: Hmm ... it's hard to put into words. But from a technical point of view, it's a mix of rock music and elements from many different musical styles. It can be R&B or pop, it depends on the song. But we play rock music in a rock band. Maybe we are looking for the ideal mix of everything? Maybe that's the meaning of "New Century Electro Rock".

animePRO: How are your songs created? Can you explain how you are working on it?
Maya: At the beginning we work separately, everyone at home, then we meet and confront the other with our ideas and the music. And then I think about the lyrics, I imagine them. This is our song development base. But I think that we do a lot at home, composing and also the first recordings. Somehow you can't determine the sequence either, because we usually already record while we're still working on the songs.
animePRO: ... So you mean that you are already recording while you are composing?
Maya: Yes exactly.
Aiji: Yes, that is inseparable with us. Composing and recording are related, so it happens at the same time.
animePRO: So what do you do now during a normal “recording” phase?
Aiji: For example: I play bass or guitar with me, then we can already mix the samples and do effects, add something or try different types of mixing while we are recording. This joint joining and reworking of the samples - and turning everything into a track - that is “recording” for us.

animePRO: maya, is it correct that you write all the lyrics for the songs of LM.C?
Maya: ... What answer should I give to that? (laughs) To be honest; Yes I'll do it.
animePRO: Are there any hidden messages in your lyrics?
Maya: No, I don't think there are any great hidden messages that tie the songs together. But I like the themes of the songs. I think we create songs that we would hear ourselves ... so I follow my own tastes. So far I think I haven't written songs that put our fans in a bad mood. I like to have different themes for different songs.

animePRO: Do you tell us your favorite song on your current album “Gimmical Impact”?
Aiji: Honestly, I like all the songs! It's great to work on songs that we really want to make. I love everyone! I can't imagine saying “this song isn't that great” because we've worked so hard for LM.C.
Maya: That was the first album I worked on myself. For me it's a work. At the beginning of LM.C we planned to only release singles, that's why we released so many songs in a row. But then it became a whole, a unity. So I prefer to say that I love the whole album rather than just one particular song.

animePRO: For the fans who are waiting for your next work; When does something new appear?
Aiji: We have scheduled the release of the new single for May 20th in Japan. The title is "PUNKY❤HEART" and it includes two songs on the regular edition.
animePRO: Have you already finished the recordings for this?
Aiji: Yes, we started doing it when we were preparing the tour. It's a great single!

animePRO: If you could become a Japanese manga / anime character, who would you like to play?
Aiji: OK. Let's choose from the set characters! (Editor's note: animation with lots of different characters)
Maya: From the set? Okay ... I would like to be ... Nobita because I would like to have Doraemon with me. Because I would like to have Doraemon, I choose Nobita!
Aiji: Yeah, I think everyone would do the same.
Maya: Ah, maybe I won't take Nobita after all. But one from his world ...
Aiji: You could become Doraemon.
Maya: I myself?!
Aiji: Yes, he can definitely buy anything he puts in his magic bag.
Maya: To buy? Really? I didn't even know !?
Aiji: Yes, he buys in this “so-and-so” store, and he puts everything in his magic bag. But that's also dangerous because you never know what will actually come out of it.
Maya: Aaah ... huh, who could I be then?
Aiji: How about a Dragon Ball character?
Maya: Oh! Please, I don't want to fight. But ... if I were in this anime ... (silence for a while) ... okay, so on Dragon Ball I would be "Karin". Karin-sama, you know, the angel in the tower. Or “Yajirobe” or “Kame-sennin” (Editor's note: Lord of the Turtles). I like these people who are already retired and have time.
Aiji: So then I take Kaio-sama, who can form air bubbles ... and lead a slow and peaceful life.

animePRO: Do you have a message for your fans in Europe?
Aiji: It was our first world tour, we've been to many countries, seven to be precise. At first I couldn't imagine what it was like ... but I only thought of the LM.C fans who live in Europe. Thank-you! I saw that you all love our music and when I saw you come to the concerts and you sang with us in Japanese too ... wow! I was impressed. I really want to come back and meet you all again. I promise to do my best so that we can return to Europe again. I hope we will create worthy memories with you next time too!
Maya: In the end we have had a lot of experiences in Europe and our fans leave. I hope we meet again sometime. This tour was different from the tours in Japan. There was a force, an energy that we got from the audience. I can't wait to come back. So I hope you guys feel like me!
animePRO: Thank you for taking the time.
animePRO would like to thank Aiji and maya from LM.C for this interview, also the organizers and the management, who made it possible despite the tight schedule. AnimePRO especially thanks Sae (Soundlicious), who was also available as translator.
Author: Stephanie List
Editor: Liane Awizio / ShainaMartel
Date d. Article: 12.10.2010
Image copyright: LM.C