Is there an animal with 24 eyes

Which animal has the biggest eyes?

Before we answer the question of which animal has the largest eyes, let's take a closer look at the object of curiosity: the eyes - a beauty feature and sense organ, window to the soul and gateway to the world. The human eye records an incredible ten million pieces of information in the form of light every second and transmits it to the retina via the cornea, the anterior chamber, the pupil, the lens and the vitreous humor. The light is bundled at this point, creating images. These are then sent to the brain via the super-fast optic nerve data line, comparable to a broadband connection. This combines the visual impressions of both eyes - the spatial perception of the environment is ready.

How big is the human eye?

The eye of newborns measures 17 to 18 millimeters in diameter. In the first three years of life, the eyeball grows by about five millimeters. - By the way: in many babies the color of the iris also changes. - An eye diameter of around one millimeter can be added later. In adults it is about 24 millimeters. That is normal. However, under certain circumstances the eyeball can continue to grow, which leads to ametropia. For example, if the eyeball grows longer than normal, shortsightedness (myopia) occurs. An eyeball that is too long cannot be seen from the outside, so regular eye examinations by an ophthalmologist or optician are advisable even for children.

If the eyes protrude from the eye socket, this is not a sign of oversized eyeballs. This happens, for example, to people who suffer from Graves 'disease (Graves' disease). In addition to an overactive thyroid, the tissue in the eye socket is thickened, which then pushes the eyes forward.

Do the biggest animals also have the biggest eyes?

If the size of the eyes were proportional to the body size, the blue whale would have to have the largest eyes. With a body length of up to 33 meters and a body mass of up to 200 tons, it is the largest mammal. The diameter of his eyeballs is a good ten centimeters. For comparison: a tennis ball measures between six and seven centimeters. The largest land creature, the African elephant has eyes 3.4 centimeters in diameter - almost one centimeter less than a golf ball. They look relatively small on the giant, which is 3.20 meters high and weighs five tons. Indeed, there is one species that outperforms both of these animal species when you add up their eye sizes.

Which animal has the biggest eyes?

The colossal squid, a resident of the Southern Ocean, lives at a depth of more than 300 meters and can dive up to 2000 meters, so the animals are rarely seen. In 2007 fishermen caught a colossal squid near Antarctica with an eye that was 27 centimeters in diameter. With eyes as big as basketballs, he holds the absolute world record. A large amount of light penetrates through the orange-sized lens - this is the only way for the underwater giant to see well in the darkness of its habitat in order to hunt and survive successfully.

One thing should not go unmentioned, however: the tarsier, which is a maximum of 16 centimeters tall, has the largest eyes of all mammals in relation to its body - 16 millimeters in diameter. His brain is smaller.

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