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ARD still disagreed about duel moderators

by Alexander Krei | Source: Focus July 05, 2009, 8:52 am
A conference of the directors of WDR and NDR, which should bring clarity, was canceled at short notice. Anne Will and Frank Plasberg have to wait on.

For weeks, the ARD has been wrestling about who will ask the questions in a possible TV duel between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her challenger Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Obviously, a decision has still not been made.

Obviously the directors are flexing their muscles again in this case: While WDR director Monika Piel advocates Frank Plasberg, NDR boss Lutz Marmor insists on Anne Will. According to "Focus", an attempt to reach an agreement via a switching conference of the directors was canceled at short notice without a reason and without a new date.

ARD also has to find presenters for two more political talks. If Will competes in the candidate duel, she would have to lead her own talk show on the same topic afterwards, reports "Focus". But that is not very likely anyway, after all, this did not apply to Sabine Christiansen in the past either - the subsequent talk was most recently moderated by Thomas Roth.

Apparently, however, the option to let Plasberg take over the Will show that evening fails because of some of the directors. According to "Focus," they would rather hand over the planned "little TV duel" with the top candidates from the FDP, Greens and Left Party. Meanwhile, the ZDF has long since committed to Maybrit Illner, RTL sends Peter Kloeppel into the race. Peter Limbourg moderates the duel for Sat.1.

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