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My best friend, 1 DVD

Lorenzo, a teenager, lives with his parents and younger brother in a small town in Patagonia, Argentina. He likes to read and thinks a lot about himself and the world. One afternoon, Caito, the son of his father's best friend from Buenos Aires, is at the door. Because he is in hospital after a serious accident, Lorenzo's family takes the boy in with them. Caito is only a year older than Lorenzo, but apart from that the two have little in common: He already works on the construction site, has tattoos on both arms and prefers to drink than to deal with literature. But the more time the two boys spend together, the more Lorenzo feels drawn to the wild boy. When Caito gets into trouble with his parents, Lorenzo vigorously defends him - and after a night of partying, takes care of him lovingly. And then Caito reveals a secret to him ... In his debut film, the Argentine director Martin Deus carefully tells the story of an intimate friendship that will change the lives of two boys. With Caito, Lorenzo learns what it means to take on responsibility, to make decisions, to be an adult - and to love someone else, not although, but precisely because they are completely different from themselves. A touching film about growing up and being first great love.

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  • Total running time: 90 min.
  • Release Date: November 30, 2018
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  • Languages: Spanish
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