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After moving to a strange city, teenager Tasuku finds it difficult to make friends in his new school. When he is teased about being gay, he becomes scared that his biggest secret has been exposed and that things will get worse for him at school. He sees himself at the lowest point in his life when Tasuku suddenly sees a woman jumping out of the window of a house! Shocked, he runs to the house in the neighborhood and finds a place that is magical for him: the young woman - unharmed - receives him and tells him that she has been watching him for a long time. He might like to come to her house, that would be a meeting place for kindred spirits ...

"Not only is the story touching, the drawings are also incredibly smooth and sensual."

"It's good that there are stories that give you courage."

"With remarkable sensitivity, Kamatani-sensei gives the characters acting their own, understandable conflicts and motives."

"A special coming-of-age manga."

"The pictures [...] are powerful, as one seldom sees it."

Alfonz - the comic reporter

"A sensitive, strongly metaphorical imagery takes in the emotions of the characters through many close-ups."

Buch & Maus - The magazine of the Swiss Institute for Children and Youth Media

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