How can we have a good body

Everyone knows at least one person in their area who can eat what they want and is slim at the same time. “It just has a good metabolism!” It is then called. But what exactly do you mean by that?

When one speaks of a good metabolism, it means that the food is metabolized quickly, i.e. quickly converted, calories are burned and the cells are supplied with important substances and enzymes. For this purpose, waste materials are quickly removed from the body. Because the latter is so important, we can also tell from rather unpleasant things whether the metabolism is running at full speed or not.

How to tell if you have a good metabolism

1. Feeling of warmth
When our metabolism is running at full speed, we are warm - so if you are warm frequently, this can be a good sign that other things are excluded (fever, hot flashes). People who are cold a lot often have poor metabolism.

2. Frequent puffing
Oops - and one more note! Congratulations: If you have to fart frequently, your intestines are in good shape - and that is a very good sign of a well-functioning metabolism. A sluggish bowel where nothing really moves can be a real burden and also painful. Do yourself a favor: If you are in the fresh air and no one is around, then let your fist out, because that's what you want and have to do. If you try to stop the natural process, abdominal pain or even indigestion are the result. And we definitely don't want that!

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3. Good digestion
Regular digestion is a good sign that your metabolism is running smoothly. Once a day is optimal, but every two days is also normal for some people: regularity is the magic word. The chair should be shaped like a sausage and be comfortably soft. Frequent diarrhea should be investigated as well as constipation.

In this way you can stimulate your metabolism

If the prescribed points are not working as well as they should, then there are a few things you should do to get your metabolism going. These natural helpers get him back on his toes: