When do architects start an internship?

Application for an annual internship as an architect

Application for an annual internship as an architect
24.06.2018 20:26
Application for an annual internship as an architect [When should the internship begin? How do you know the company is offering an internship? This information belongs in the subject.]

Dear Sir or Madam, [Please enter the contact person.]

I am looking for an educational work environment. I became aware of your company through the Internet and I am applying for a one-year internship as an architect with you. [The second part is already in the subject. In the first part you could explain more why that is so.]

I am currently attending the 10th grade at the Albert Einstein School in Laatzen, which I will finish in June 2018 with a secondary school certificate. In the future I will visit the MMBbs at EXPO Platz with the branch of technical college design.

I am very interested in the profession of architect, because I can draw well and think logically and spatially. In addition, I am always looking forward to new tasks and challenges. I enjoy learning and am able to work in a team. [Okay, where have you used that so far? Where have you worked in the team so far?]
For a successful internship, I bring creativity, friendliness, reliability and the desire to work creatively. I was able to gain experience from school in art and math lessons and from my free time. [What were you doing there? Pay attention to your spelling too! Letters are missing there!]

An internship in your architecture office would therefore be a great opportunity to get to know the various tasks and activities of an architect and to gain a deep insight into this profession. [That would be more of an introduction.]
The annual internship would be on August 9th. 2018 until July 29th. 2019. [This is information for the subject.] I would love to hear from you and if you could keep me busy during this period. [Work less with "would"!]

Sincerely, [Why is there a comma here?]