Are Udemy-free courses worth taking

Udemy programming certificates attached to the application?

Hello everybody :),

here my previous experiences:

It depends on the situation.

According to our HR manager and two recruiters, such certificates are appropriate when you are about to start an apprenticeship, look for another job after the apprenticeship, and for the first three years or so as a career starter. This signals increased interest in the respective job description and shows that one is not only interested in one programming language, for example. The flexible attitude to various subject areas of the departments is also shown.

After this time, certificates of this kind tend to be smiled at or even rated negatively. Only "real" certificates such as B. be attached by Oracle itself.

What attaching to networks such as As far as Xing is concerned, in my experience opinions are very divided.

The quality is very different depending on the course. For example, I had topics on the same subject that went far too little in depth, but also those that conveyed extensive, applicable and high-quality knowledge. I have had better experiences with courses in English. One of the SQL courses prepared me more than enough for my final exam to become an IT specialist.

As already described in another post, there is absolutely no point in just being showered by the videos !!!

As in the school, the courses must be worked on proactively. So collaborate, take notes, repeat or read if you don't understand and work on many tasks. Only then will they bring something.

I prefer courses with a high number of hours and lots of tasks because there is nothing like applying, making mistakes, correcting and reapplying.

I also agree that one of these programming language courses is not enough to be able to program. But a good overview of the specific functions of the respective language is given. If you have already mastered one, the courses give you a good first impression of foreign languages.

Have a healthy and successful time for everyone

P.S .: My post is in no way a personal attack on anyone. It only represents my personal experience.