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"Most vampire stories are nonsense. A cross won't scare them off, sunlight won't kill them, and neither will a stake in their hearts, but that they're greedy for blood, that's true. They need fresh human blood to survive. You. You were once human. So you won't realize they're vampires until it's too late. "

Vampires are a race of supernatural and blood-sucking creatures who were all human at one time. There were many encounters between vampires and the Winchesters, as well as Gordon Walker and other hunters. It has been said, however, that an encounter with a vampire is rather rare, as hunters would have hunted them to extinction, even though they have the ability to reproduce by simple transfusion and would only need a vampire to do so.


All vampires have their origin in the alphavampire, which is the first of its kind and which in turn was created by Eve. The Alpha seems to have some kind of psychological connection with the other vampires. Over the years up to 2006, vampires were hunted so intensely and became so rare that John Winchester believed them to be extinct. But they began to do some kind of rebuilding, especially after the alphavampire ordered them to enlarge the existing nests, which in turn had been an order from Eve.

Vampires are immortal and can easily reach an age of several hundred years. Their diet is strictly based on blood, always preferring that of humans. However, these must be kept alive by the vampires as long as they serve as a source of food, otherwise the blood becomes more toxic for the vampires. Contact with one's own bloodstream is sufficient to stun a vampire for a longer period of time with the blood of a dead person.

There are also vampires who do not want to harm a person willingly and instead live on donated blood from stolen blood bags. A complete renunciation of human blood is also a possibility, after which the blood of animals, such as that of a cow, is used. However, this practice was described as disgusting by the vampire Lenore.


Vampires are organized and each belong to a specific nest, in which eight to ten vampires can be found together with a victim. The younger vampires usually take on the hunt for new victims and thus ensure a constant source of food for themselves and the elderly. A nest feeds on a victim for several days to several weeks.

Each nest has its leader, who is also the oldest vampire in the said nest and often the one who turned the others into a vampire in the first place. According to Benny Lafitte, after their first transformation, vampires depend on their creator for blood. So they have no choice but to follow him, even as they see him as a kind of source of life to the point that they think the leader is God. It can happen that the leader himself thinks this over time. Nevertheless, all vampires see the Alpha Vampire as their "father" and worship him as such.

According to Alton Morehead, vampires might hunt alone or in smaller nests, but scratching the surface would reveal that they are all connected, from the smallest drone to the alpha vampire. They also share things like intelligence and the sacrifice in the process.


Vampirism spreads through ingestion of vampire blood or through direct contact with human blood flow. These are the only ways to get infected at the moment. Many hunters have vampire blood splashed in the face during a hunt, but they are not transformed, which shows that the vampire blood that enters the bloodstream via the eyes, nose or uninjured skin is not sufficient for a transformation. So it seems that it takes a certain amount of blood to transform. This is of great benefit to hunters, as killing a vampire is usually a bloody and dirty business.

Newly transformed vampires are always confused and disoriented at first, especially due to the adaptation to the newly gained, heightened senses and the sensitivity to light. After that, there is usually a blood rush that makes the new vampire run amok in a certain way. They then usually look for the person who transformed them, i.e. their creator, and usually accept him as their leader. Many of the vampires shown in the series develop or are introduced to the mindset of the nest. These newly-transformed vampires are still half-human until they drink their first blood.


Vampirism is rarely curable. The only known remedy is a kind of soup or drink, which is documented in Samuel Campbell's grandfather's notebook. This requires the blood of the vampire who transformed you, as well as garlic and sage. The three ingredients must be mixed together and the person who is to be cured must then drink it. However, it will not work if the person has drunk the smallest drop of blood. The reversal of vampirism is very painful and is described as a bad trip, but there are no significant side effects. Nevertheless, the remedy causes a slight illness in retrospect, which lasts for a few days. It is also not necessary to keep alive the vampire who transformed you and from whom you need the blood for the ritual to work.

This method has since been used to heal Dean Winchester, a girl who was used to trick young hunters, and ultimately Annie Jones.


To destroy a vampire, you have to cut off his head by decapitating him. The soul ends up in purgatory. In retrospect, the retracted fangs can still be found in the mouth of the corpse that was left behind.


With the help of a ritual it is possible to revive a dead vampire. To do this, however, one must first seek out the vampire's soul in purgatory and bring it to earth with the help of another ritual. There you look for the remains of the vampire and reunite them with the soul. The vampire is then revived with no damage left behind.

see vampire resuscitation ritual


  • A vampire's fangs
  • An extended tooth from a dead vampire

The appearance of a vampire is similar to that of a normal person, but they all have the usual features, such as the sharp, pointed, and extendable teeth that are located in the gums and slide in front of the actual teeth. They usually extend their fangs while drinking blood, when threatened, or when attacking. Some vampires also have long, sharp fingernails, but these do not surpass those of the alphavampire, which are more claw-like and which he can lengthen at will.

  • Luther's true face is briefly revealed
  • He is then briefly enlightened before he dies

At the beginning of the series, the eyes of the vampires lit up like nocturnal animals if you shined them in their faces with car headlights, for example. However, this property was not seen or used in the further course. When John Winchester shot the vampire Luther in the head with the Colt, short-term visual changes and physical movements occurred in Luther that indicated his imminent death. During these changes, his true face was revealed for a short time and at the same time the true face of a vampire was revealed.

Powers and abilities

  • Super strength - Vampires are stronger than humans. Young vampires experience a significant increase in strength that allows them to lift heavy objects and overpower adult humans. Older vampires can overwhelm their original creators and a few other creatures. Boris, a 600 year old vampire, demonstrated his superiority to Dean by being able to overpower him with ease. Gordon Walker, a transmutation vampire, was able to tear off the heads of two other vampires.
  • Fangs - Vampires have a set of retractable fangs that are supernaturally strong and can tear open a person's throat. They also leave large bite marks on the corpse they ate before.
  • Super speed - The speed of a vampire exceeds that of a normal person and increases over the years.
  • Super agility - Vampires are extremely agile. You can climb walls and jump off buildings without injuring yourself. They also have better reflexes than humans. Robert was able to catch Kristen's cell phone before it hit the ground. Another vampire, while carrying a teenager, was able to climb a flagpole at the same time.
  • Super senses - Unlike humans, vampires have extremely keen senses. These allow you to see in the dark, to perceive a human heartbeat over a great distance and the sense of smell is also strong. It is possible for a vampire to track human blood over a long distance. John Winchester warned Sam and Dean that once a vampire picked up a trail, he could pursue it for life. Just like the strength of a vampire, the senses increase with age. So Luther could smell Kate from a great distance, while the other, younger vampires could not.
  • immortality - The life of a vampire seems to be infinite. They don't get old or get common diseases that usually affect people.
  • invulnerability - Vampires cannot be killed by conventional methods, such as stab wounds or gunshot wounds. They also have an extremely high pain threshold. For example, Kate got an arrow shot through the stomach and just let out a bored sigh. Nevertheless, they react to punches and kicks, for example, with the same behavior as a person.
  • regeneration - As long as they have enough human blood, vampires can heal quickly any wound that does not require amputation.
  • Super endurance - Despite their hunger, vampires are not exhausted quickly. Dean, who was still a new vampire at the time and had not yet fully completed the transformation, was able to take down an entire nest of over twenty vampires in battle without looking particularly exhausted afterwards.
  • Stealth - Vampires are very skilled at sneaking up and can do this even with experienced vampire hunters. As a vampire, Gordon managed to suddenly appear behind people twice and apparently out of nowhere.



  • Blood of a dead man - The blood of the dead is poisonous to vampires. If it gets into a vampire's bloodstream, it acts like a kind of anesthetic and can disable them for a long time.
  • sunlight - While sunlight can injure you, John Winchester compared it more to a very severe sunburn. It is not fatal this way, but it causes great pain. For this reason, vampires are mostly nocturnal and do not go out while the sun is still visible on the horizon. They also feel rather uncomfortable with other light sources, as they are very sensitive to light.
  • Odor masking - A mixture of saffron, smelly cabbage and forest lily that is thrown into the fire is supposed to whitewash a person's smell and make it difficult for a vampire to find one. This stuff can also disguise the smell of a vampire so that another vampire can no longer smell it. However, older and therefore stronger vampires with their expanded senses seem to be able to smell a vampire anyway. A person can achieve the same effect by rubbing the ashes of the fire onto their clothes, thus masking their own odor.


  • The Colt - Since the Colt can kill almost anything, it is also able to destroy vampires. So, among other things, the vampire Luther was killed with one and finally the alpha-vampire.
  • Vamptonite - Edgar testified that this additive created by the Leviathans was designed to kill vampires in addition to werewolves, shape shifters and ghouls.
  • decapitation - Decapitating is the most common method that hunters use to finish off a vampire. For a long time, beheading a vampire was even considered the only way to kill one. The head does not necessarily have to be removed, sufficient damage to the head is sufficient.
  • Vampire radiation weapon - The British Men of the Scriptures, combining technology and magic, developed a weapon that rearranges DNA, rendering a vampire's own blood toxic, inevitably leading to death.
  • Anti-vampire device - Another development by the British Men of the Scriptures is a weapon that emits a gas that is toxic to vampires.


  • Angel - Angels can kill vampires with ease. Castiel killed Lenore by laying his hand on her head.
  • Leviathans - Leviathans can kill vampires, including the alpha vampire, with little difficulty.
  • Primeval beings - God, darkness, death and the archangels can destroy any vampire with ease.

Known vampires

Known vampire nests

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  • Along with demons and ghosts, vampires are the most recurring opponents and at the same time the most recurring monsters in the series.
  • Charlie Bradbury killed a teenage vampire on one of their hunts. This could be a reference to the fact that Felicia Day, who plays Charlie, is a vampire hunter on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer played.
  • The vampire Lucy from the episode Fresh blood was portrayed by Mercedes McNab. She played in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and their spin-off series Angel - hunter of darkness the character Harmony, who also became a vampire.
  • Lenore also has ties to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her actress Amber Benson played Tara Maclay there.
  • Dean Winchester has proven that he is a skilled vampire hunter. Once he personally killed five vampires from a nest of ten. While he was a vampire himself for a short time, Dean destroyed an entire nest all by himself, including the leader Boris, who was only able to overtake Dean shortly before. While Sam has also killed a large number of vampires, he doesn't seem to be as skilled at it as Dean.
  • In The miracle colt John Winchester managed to locate Luther's nest by just finding a vampire tooth on a street. But how he did this is unknown.
  • Before 2006, many hunters assumed that the vampires would have become extinct from massive hunting. For this reason, John Winchester did not mention them in his diary. This apparent extermination was achieved e.g. by vampire hunters like Gordon Walker and Daniel Elkins. Anyway, due to the amount of encounters with vampires and the Winchesters, there seems to have been some sort of breed rebuilding.
  • In the first season, the eyes of the vampires lit up, similar to those of nocturnal animals, when they were illuminated with light. However, this property was not shown in the later seasons.
  • Vampires tend to build their nests in predictable locations. This is often an empty building. Hunters often look for vacant buildings in the area when they are on the hunt for a vampire's nest. This happened, for example, at Celia's Nest in the episode Alex / Annie.
  • Ironically, Dean Winchester and Gordon Walker, who were both vampire hunters, were turned into a vampire themselves. While Gordon was killed, Dean could be healed
  • Vampires are one of only five enemies in the series that can be healed. The others are demons, after-eaters, werewolves and the rabid ones. However, vampires have a limited time until they drink blood for the first time, which happens sooner or later due to the blood rush that is triggered.
  • Despite the fact that Supernatural many allusions to the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel - hunter of darkness makes, John describes the common tradition about vampires as nonsense, although it was used in the series mentioned.
  • Three vampires fell victim to the Colt: Luther, Gordon's victim, and the alpha-vampire. It was Luther's death that confirmed the legend of the Colt.

background knowledge

  • At the beginning of the series, during the first season, Eric Kripke was not inclined to treat vampires, as he said the series was Buffy the Vampire Slayer had already conquered this market. He wanted to stay with ghosts and demons for the time being to give the show the opportunity to find and create its own identity. Later in the season, however, when the makers became more and more united and certain that their own identity had been achieved and they were confident that the series was actually a little different and not just one compared to others in the same genre Copy, they were more inclined to eventually incorporate vampires into the series.[1]
  • John Shiban and Eric Kripke agreed on the vampires and wanted to create their own version of this monster. This should be based on real folklore and not on what people thought they knew about vampires, because this knowledge would be more like from films Dracula from 1931. There have been some implementations of the vampire concept in many cultures over the centuries and so they picked out elements from it that were not too known or widespread. Shiban said that not every vampire feared sunlight, nor would it turn them to dust. Some vampires would have lived among people in society and so they figured that such a vampire might have retractable teeth. They compared the fangs of a vampire with those of a shark. Kripke also mentioned that Kate was in The miracle colt I wore a necklace with a cross and it is precisely this aspect that sets it apart from the usual tradition. Because you can't just hold up a cross and expect a vampire to kneel. Everything people thought they knew about vampires was wrong and this gave them the opportunity to create their own monster for their universe.