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Emotionalized perspectives on the world

Reality TV or reality show has been spoken of in Germany since the late 1980s. As an American program format, it was also introduced into German television programs in the early 1990s and is mainly used by commercial broadcasters.

Understood as reality television, reality TV wants to provide (or pretend) an image of the reality of life and therefore partially overlaps with the television genre of documentation. However, it is not really about the representation of a reality outside of television, but about new, mostly very emotionalized perspectives on the world. If accidents are portrayed in programs in such a way that viewers react with horror and dismay, as they did in RTL's emergency programs in the 1990s, normal people publicly spread their relationship problems on daily talk shows or accentuated disputes are negotiated in court shows a view of the world in which highly dramatic relationship conflicts and, with them, emotions play the main role.



Reality TV is a term for forms in which reality is often staged in a very emotionalizing way and with the means of traditional climax dramaturgy (exposition, intensification, climax, unexpected turn and catastrophe or happy ending) and which results from the mixing of the traditional forms - Documentation and fiction - formed a new genre that has enjoyed great popularity among TV audiences for several years.

The documentation is a non-fictional and above all a journalistic genre. It is not necessarily up to date, but it is close to current events. She works with documentary material, is based on research and, if possible, arranges her topic in a larger context.

Scripted Reality includes fictional programs that look and act like documentary. The stories told could be true, but are i. d. Usually invented, the (lay) actors act according to a script. Elements such as wobbly camera work and bumpy everyday dialogues are intended to underline the illusion of reality or the supposed reality character.

This subject area is dedicated to the different manifestations of reality TV, shows their basic principles and public reception and traces the development of the different formats in German television.

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