How is a gearbox assembled

Manual transmission

Assembling the gearbox

  • Insert the axis of the reverse gear with the reverse wheel and make sure that the teeth are on the outer wall of the housing and that the flattening of the flange is on top.
  • Put the shims back in their original location.
  • Check the play of the two bearing bushes on the countershaft and replace if necessary.
  • If necessary, replace damaged countershaft with a new one.
  • If necessary, replace the damaged countershaft with a new one.
  • Push the countershaft in the housing through the countershaft and bring it into engagement with the gearwheel of the reverse gear and adjust the play and position with the appropriate shims. Tighten the nut and secure with a split pin.
  • If necessary, replace the drive shaft with claw gear and ball bearing with new parts.
  • Insert the drive shaft with the bearing cage into the housing and screw on the bearing cover with a new seal.
  • Check the main shaft bearing seat (B).
  • If necessary, replace the main shaft and ball bearings with new parts.
  • If necessary, replace the claw sliding gear of the 2nd and direct gear with a new one.
  • If necessary, replace the sliding gear of the 1st and reverse gear with a new one.
  • Insert the main shaft with the ball bearing and bearing cage into the housing and push the two sliding wheels onto the splined shaft and connect them to the selector forks.
  • If necessary, pull a new oil return turbine onto the main shaft on the outside, insert a new tension washer (1072) and the flat key for the brake drum and screw the main shaft with the bearing cover on with a new seal.
  • If necessary, replace the shift fork, shift shaft, locking spring and locking ball with new parts.
  • Push the shift shafts through the housing and shift forks. Insert guide piece and adjust with leveling tabs.
  • Tighten the selector shafts with the nut and then secure the fastening nut with 3 center punch.
  • Reinstall the gearbox cover and brakes.
  • Flange the gearbox to the motor.
View into the lower parts of the gearbox housing
A. Reverse gear wheel - B. Compensating washer - C. Reverse wheel axle
Counter gear block
A. Counter gear in permanent engagement with the drive gear of the drive shaft - B. Counter gear of the first gear - C. Counter gear of the second gear - D. Counter gear of the reverse gear - E. Bearing bush of the countershaft