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There is a flood of information on the stock market. How do investors keep track of the world of the stock market? How can you identify the so-called champions among stocks? A helpful tool can be a serious share letter be. While it has become easier than ever to trade stocks on the stock market, both technically and on the cost side, many investors still struggle with the right one Selection of investments. This is exactly where a share letter comes in, which knows how to convince investors with accurate analyzes and concrete recommendations for action. A share letter gives precise analysis of individual shares and uses the best values template Depot together that readers can recreate fairly.

Basically stocks are Risk papers. They give investors the chance to participate in the success of a company, but also in a possible failure. If the business model of a group goes well, the share price usually benefits. If it doesn't work, however, it falls. To bet on the right share champions means first and foremost to identify the right and future sustainable business models. Macroeconomic conditions, the general economic climate and - prominent in the past decade - monetary policy, cause share prices to fluctuate. So it is important that right timing for buying or selling a stock.

Share letters as an important decision-making aid

The team of authors who write a share letter therefore observes the capital markets very closely and regularly carries out a performance analysis. Share letters follow economic and industry developments in detail. The authors also scrutinize individual companies, analyze balance sheets and speak personally to the people on the board. It is the task of a share letter to look behind the scenes, to capture moods in the executive suite and to analyze the information presented with expert knowledge. After all, the future is primarily traded on the stock exchange. Those who want to have a head start on information have to have these conversations. The knowledge gathered is incorporated into the articles of a well-researched share letter - written precisely, compactly and clearly.

This enables a stock market letter to become an indispensable decision-making aid when buying and selling shares strategically. An investor needs support in the correct disposition and selection of stocks. Because in Germany alone there are well over a hundred titles in the DAX- Investment universe. In addition to the DAX, many German-language stock market letters put more emphasis on German small caps from the MDAX or SDAX. The stocks in these indices often offer greater potential returns than the big stocks from the DAX. Those who are inadequately informed often run unnecessarily high risks if they make the wrong choice. A share letter based on well-founded expert opinions can therefore provide the necessary decision-making aid. You too can now receive tips from professionals every week. You can test many stock market letters simply and easily free of charge before you take out a subscription for several hundred euros for several months.

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Make the right choice

However, investors are not only spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right shares, but also when it comes to a suitable share letter. A look on the Internet gives an idea of ​​how many publications and share letters are fighting for the readership. Many knitted with hot needles, dubious share letters try to attract customers with free information in order to get valuable e-mail addresses. Those interested in the stock exchange should therefore, measured by, if possible objective criteriato make a selection of the share certificate that suits you.

A first important factor is that historical performance of a stock market letter, i.e. tradition over several years. How long has the publication been on the market and we cut off the stock recommendations? What does the performance analysis say? Have many Champions stocks been identified? Investors should prefer a share letter that has been successful for decades to a newly founded publication. It is not easy to consistently give solid recommendations over a long period of time. The effective forces of the market therefore give successful performers the seal of their trust. The PLATOW stock market letter, which appears 3 times a week, has shown a return of over + 2,500% since the model portfolio was launched.

However, it is not only the performance that is important, but also the Investment focus of the share letter. Does the stock market letter focus more on stocks from the DAX or rather on small caps from the MDAX or SDAX? Is the Investment horizon rather short-term or set over several years? A good stock market letter fits your personal financial investment goals exactly. With a free test, you can easily test whether the market letter suits you before taking out a subscription.

But that alone is not enough. The writing team of a share letter must have well-trained analysts and stock market experts with appropriate Qualifications (CEFA, CIIA), on whose judgment you can rely. An editor must be able to put a company through its paces using key figures and the balance sheet. Yield-conscious investors should keep their hands off share letters, the authors of which may formulate sensational headlines but cannot read a balance sheet.

In addition, a serious share letter must never leave its readers alone with the recommendations made, but must come along with them regular updates Explain over weeks, months and years how the respective buy or sell recommendations have developed over time. Transparency in dealing with the recommendations is crucial for a share letter. Also the personal contact Editing a share letter can be extremely helpful for investors. For example, some publishers have the option of making direct contact with the analysts responsible via a telephone consultation. This is usually not the case with dubious free letters. In addition to these factors plays a role credibility a major role. Even if the aforementioned criteria are met, no share letter in the world will be able to always be right with every one of its recommendations. Rather, it is a quality feature of a serious share letter to openly admit failures on the stock market and explain the causes to the reader. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the majority of stock judgments that are accurate and successful. Otherwise the share certificate would not be worth what it costs. Readers should be able to quickly recoup the cost of a share letter with successful stock recommendations.

Share letter: Quality doesn't come for free

A subscription to a high-quality share letter that meets the above characteristics is worth every euro. Because extensive and good research has its price. Starting with trained analysts in the editorial office, travel expenses, specialist literature, extensive financial market data and modern hardware equipment. However, supposedly free share certificates can be found in abundance. Especially online, many providers try to win customers with lurid headlines or even dubious stock market information. But be careful: On the one hand, many of these business models are aimed at obtaining valuable customer data, i.e. addresses and e-mail contacts, which can then be sold on at a profit. On the other hand, superficial and poorly researched stock recommendations lead to a substantial loss of returns. The losses can therefore quickly be many times that of the price of a reputable market letter.

In addition, a number of dubious free share letters try illegally with the so-called front running to get quick money. At its core, front running is relatively simple. Before the publication of the publication, the makers of a share letter agree with the shares that are recommended to the readership. After the recommendations have pushed prices up, the masterminds behind the scenes sell the shares at a profit again. An illegal and punishable system. However, controlling such machinations is extremely difficult. Hence, it is eminent for readers to be one high-performance sample depot of the share letter at the same time and at fair conditions. This includes an advance notice of intended changes to the model portfolio, for example by email. This allows the investor to effectively replicate the announced transaction and his own Potential returns to back up. Read the renowned PLATOW Börse for 4 weeks free of charge with a trial subscription and receive promising Champions shares 3 times a week, including the easily reproducible and successful model portfolio.

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