Are you all ready for Christmas 1

A year goes by quickly - you are ready for the beautiful Christmas season!

Every year at the same time, streets, houses and gardens are transformed into shining, glittering worlds - fairy lights, Christmas balls, shining stars, Christmas trees - everything is festively decorated and spruced up - it's that time again - the pre-Christmas season makes us happy with its wonderful shine and glimmer .

This wonderful time delights us every year anew - it is the preparation time for Christmas. During this time, all things are done that should contribute to a successful Christmas party. First the advent calendar is filled or a new advent calendar is tinkered with or bought. Everyone has their own ideas about what the advent calendar should look like and, above all, how it is filled. Then it is the turn of the Advent wreath - which color should it be this year, the traditional red or a different color - here too everyone has their own ideas. Should it be a wreath, a flower arrangement or something very unusual, a pyramid. For the 1st Advent, delicious Christmas cookies and all kinds of goodies are baked - the cookies are kept in tins so that they last for the whole of Advent and Christmas time. Then the time has come for the Christmas boxes to be fetched from the cellar and for the 1st Advent the whole house will be festively decorated for Christmas.

In the run-up to Christmas, I mostly think back to the past time - what have I done over the year, which beautiful moments have I been able to experience, what did not please and bother me, what touched me or made me happy.

Beautiful songs on the radio underline the pre-Christmas season - cuddle up a little on the sofa and enjoy the beautiful music - let yourself be five times, feel the silence and calm, let everything sink in and relax - soon the contemplative time will be over again the new year with its new challenges is just around the corner.

Now the many Christmas markets in the whole region are starting. The cities have slipped into a Christmas garb and shine in wonderful lights. There was a smell of pine needles, candle wax, roasted almonds, gingerbread and of course mulled wine everywhere. The stalls and stalls are decorated and spruced up for Christmas. Various handicrafts and all kinds of sweets are offered at the stands. There is a special magic about the Christmas markets - I always call it the pre-Christmas magic that inspires and makes us happy. A visit to a Christmas market in the contemplative pre-Christmas season is always an exhilarating anticipation of the approaching Christmas festival. Everywhere you can see the children standing in front of the booths with big shining eyes - a wonderful atmosphere inspires young and old.

When I was a child, there was actually only the Christmas market in Bad Wimpfen and we were always looking forward to this Christmas market. We couldn't wait until we went to Bad Wimpfen with our VW Beetle and the whole family, my father used to say. The steep drive up the mountain to the old town, well, that just grabbed our Käferle - we let it twitch up, said our father and so it went slowly but steadily upwards. The historic, Christmas decorated alleys always gave us a lot of joy. The unique setting of the historic old town with its half-timbered houses, the cobbled streets and the castle district with the blue and red tower was wonderful. We were allowed to see all the splendor, but mostly only a bag of gastro-bread was bought and everyone got a few pieces.

In the run-up to Christmas I always remember the beautiful Christmas celebrations in my childhood. Many weeks before Christmas we heard, in the evenings when we were already in our beds, that they were doing handicrafts in the kitchen every evening. Often my brother and I would sneak to the locked kitchen door and look through the keyhole. Since the key was always in the lock, we could never see anything. For this, the curiosity was stimulated anew every evening. What was our father doing in the kitchen, something for me or something for my brother? It was a big secret until Christmas. Then finally the time had come - everyone had come, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles and everyone was festively dressed in the best of clothes. Then we heard the fine ringing of the Christmas bell and the living room door was finally unlocked and we were allowed to enter the festively decorated room. My brother found a new part of town or a new forest and hunting scene on his railway system and I had received a newly furnished room in my large doll's house. Every year a room was designed and my father papered and painted the walls, laid cables for little lights and built little furniture for my dolls. The joy was always great, we children were very happy and our father was always very touched and delighted with our joy. It was like that for many years until we got into our teens. Then the railway system and the doll's house remained tucked away in the attic.

Today, Christmas presents are rarely made, times have changed and the children's wish lists look different now. But that's not unusual - the whole world has changed in the past decades and technology has developed further - we live in the here and now, this change is now part of us and determines our lives. For many working people, the pre-Christmas period is a real challenge - at work there are still many tasks to be completed at the end of the year and the approaching Christmas also requires full commitment. Unfortunately, for many people, the hectic and stressful pre-Christmas season - shopping for gifts, Christmas parties in the company and in clubs, strolling through a few Christmas markets with friends, baking Christmas cookies and finding a few Christmas bargains on the Internet. Where's the real, real pre-Christmas feeling gone? The pre-Christmas period should be contemplative and calm - maybe we should try to rediscover this wonderful feeling of reflection on Christmas for ourselves and take everything a little easier, because a year goes by quickly and then it says again “You are ready for the beautiful Christmas season ! "


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