How do you become addicted to learning

Studying at the Open University

Since yesterday I have been in the hospital with my little one because he has such a nasty RS virus. Just briefly: It's terrible here and I'm happy when we can get out again .. It will probably be at the weekend ..

Well, and as if I had nothing better to do, I'm studying here too, haha. But well, there isn't even a TV here, we are not allowed out of the room, not even me alone. So it's pretty boring. A couple of nurses have already asked me about the "great books" and I had to tell them everything about the OU and what I'm doing there. Who knows, maybe a couple of nurses from Germany will register soon?

So now the child is being nursed back to health. Hope the little man will get better soon. After all, he's already eating the hair off my head, he just needs additional oxygen because he can't breathe so well yet. Oh yeah, it really sucks when your own children are so sick. Had to do Remmidemmi here a few times, wanted to put us in a room with a child with a violent gastrointestinal history, really big cinema ...