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Apps / software Photo editing apps for iOS and Android


Image editing on the smartphone is nothing new in the age of Instagram and Co. Most of the pre-installed photo apps already offer basic functions, such as filters or cropping images. However, when it comes to inserting text, more complex effects or photo collages, it is advisable to install an additional app specifically for editing images on the smartphone. And here not only the range of functions, but also the handling of the app play an important role. We'll show you which apps are worthwhile for Android and iOS.


The free app "Snapseed" offers you various editing options that you can call up by swiping your finger up or down. You can then swipe left and right to adjust the intensity of the processing. For minor photo corrections, functions such as Crop, white balance, brush, text and repair tools or the vignette to disposal. For example, you can use the vignette to keep only a certain area of ​​your photo in focus and to blur the surrounding areas. For faster navigation, the app offers subject areas such as "Vintage", "HDR scape" and "drama". Here you can among other things."brightness", "saturation" and "focus"and give your pictures a certain mood. You can install Snapseed on your iPhone / iPad as well as on your Android device.

Photo Lab

With the "Photo Lab" app, you can not only edit and improve pictures, but also with frame provided and in Collages arrange. Editing the photos is no problem even for beginners thanks to the existing templates. For example, you can use the Look old-fashioned postcards manufacture or Insert cartoon characters. Other templates leave your photos in the Optics of a painting appear or generate a virtual magazine cover. Regular updates provide you with new options and templates for image editing. Photo Lab is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Photoshop Express

You may be familiar with Adobe Photoshop from professional image processing. As an application on the PC, however, this is only available for a fee or in a time-limited test version. For photo editing on the smartphone there is "Photoshop Express". Similar to the PC software, you can use this app to crop pictures, change the exposure, color saturation or orientation and apply different effects. Adobe offers the image editing app free of charge in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. In order to be able to use it, however, you must log in with your Google or Facebook account or generate an Adobe ID.


Another example from the range of photo apps for digital image editing is "Pixlr". Similar to Photo Lab, you also have the option of using the Photos directly in the app to shoot and then to prepare in the form of a collage. In recording mode you can already use Filters and Overlays work and see directly the effect of the effect on your composition. One advantage over other apps is the adjustment of color tones, brightness and contrasts, which thanks automatic correction can be done particularly quickly. For more experienced users, however, there is still the option of using the Edit values ​​manually. You can use Pixlr on both Android and iOS.

PicsArt Photo Studio

"PicsArt Photo Studio" is also available as a free app for Andoird and iOS. With the integrated camera function, you can take photos directly in the app and then edit them. There are a number of tools available for correcting your images, such as a Eliminate perspective distortion or red eyes. With the help of the so-called Clone stamp you can duplicate individual image areas and thus artificially enlarge your image if necessary. In addition to the filters that can also be found in the other photo apps, PicsArt Photo Studio offers you additional ones Sketching and painting functions, with which you can let off steam creatively - even without a photo. You also have the option of using the app with a large Community of photographers to exchange.



Do you value color editing? The "FilterGrid" app is thanks to numerous Color and contrast filters particularly suitable for this. Your photo becomes that automatically into individual image areassuch as foreground and background. If you do not agree with the automatic area detection of the app, you can do this later adjust manually. You can then choose from 65 editing filters and design each area of ​​your image individually according to your wishes. FilterGrid is available free of charge for iOS and Android, but you will sometimes see full-surface advertising.


With "PhotoDirector" and the included "Splash"Tool you have the option of leaving a single element in the picture (e.g. a yellow taxi) colored and making the rest black and white. Another special feature of the app is the"magic object removal", which makes disturbing picture elements disappear (almost) without a trace. Anything that may still be left can be fixed and removed with the other already known tools. Especially if you are new to the field of image processing, PhotoDirector will help you immediately after installation With explanatory overlays to the available functions. You can download the app on your Android smartphone as well as on the iPhone.

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