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Religion: Muslim clergy criticize shirt by Jay-Z

Berlin (AP) - A T-shirt worn by Jay-Z with the image of a historic Kenyan mosque has aroused criticism from Muslim clergy. The shirt of the Kenyan designer Zeddie Loky shows the Riyadha mosque in Lamu, which like the entire old town ... more

East Africa - locust plague: experts warn of new wave

Nairobi (dpa) - More than a year after the grasshopper plague began in East Africa, experts are warning of a possibly even more devastating new wave. "The situation in Kenya is worse than last year," said Kenneth Mwangi from the East African climate center ICPAC ... more

Drama in Kenya: Giraffes die in agony after being electrocuted

Low-hanging power cables were the undoing of two giraffes in Kenya. The animals hit the cables and were electrocuted and died. In a wildlife park 120 kilometers outside the Kenyan capital Nairobi, two giraffes with their long ... more

Global vaccine selfishness: a second pandemic looms

While Germany is arguing about the pace of the corona vaccination campaign, many countries are still left with nothing. The global inequality in vaccination rates threatens a new pandemic. By the end of the summer, all citizens in Germany should have a vaccination offer ... more

Obstacle ace Krause: Kenya "very tricky decision"

Athletics ace Gesa Krause has firmly planned the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo. "For me personally, the Olympics will take place next year - probably under very, very different circumstances. But that doesn't mean that my motivation is lower because of this ... more

Bee-eater: A colorful migratory bird

It looks as if it would fit better in a jungle than in Germany: the bee eater is brightly colored. But is the migratory bird dangerous for local bees? Turquoise, yellow, green and brown - hardly any other bird in Germany is so colorful ... more

Preventing amoebic infection: hygiene tips, symptoms, treatment

The amoeba infection is a typical motion sickness. However, cases of infection were not only known in areas with poor hygienic conditions. How you can protect yourself from illness. The so-called amoebic dysentery is a tropical intestinal disease caused by ... more

Goethe-Institut presents Henrike Grohs Award to Jackie Karuti

The Kenyan artist Jackie Karuti receives the Henrike Grohs Award 2020. Karuti's work has a unique poetic dimension, her interest is directed towards relevant explorations of technologies and perspectives, it was said on Thursday ... more

Coronavirus in Africa: How Sanitary Napkins Can Help

Corona is destroying countless jobs in Africa. On the other hand, social investments in particular help - in local companies that create jobs for the poorest. A guest contribution by the former head of Welthungerhilfe, Till Wahnbaeck. So far hold ... more

Summer music without regrets - "Dala": Fine Afropop by Nina Ogot

Berlin (dpa) - summer music - this classification can have something disparaging, some people then immediately think of "Macarena" or "Mambo No. 5". And yet the album "Dala" (Hey! Blau Records) by the Kenyan singer Nina Ogot is summer music - in the best sense of the word. With her ... more

These products are banned in other countries

Menthol cigarettes have been banned in the EU since May 20th. There are also bans in other countries - sometimes even for products and foods that we take for granted. Different countries, different customs: these foods and products ... more

East Africa: The locust plague is endangering an entire region

A plague of locusts has been raging in East Africa for months. Huge swarms are destroying crops and the food supply for the population is at risk. But in view of the corona pandemic, the region threatens to be left alone. In July 2019 the first ... more

Coronavirus fear: marathon runner wants to leave Kenya

Iten (AP) - The German marathon runner Hendrik Pfeiffer fears for his safety because of the coronavirus crisis in the training camp in Kenya. "People are scared to death of the virus. They think Corona only comes from whites, and if they get it, then they die ... more

Kenya: Rare white giraffes believed to have been killed by poachers

Giraffes shouldn't actually be white. But rare pictures from Kenya prove: They do exist, the white giraffes. Two of them have now been killed - presumably by poachers. In Kenya, a rare white giraffe and her cub are believed to have been poachers ... more

Death of 78-year-old: girlfriend charged with murder

After the death of a German in a holiday bungalow in Kenya, his girlfriend was charged with murder. The woman denied the allegations in court on Tuesday in the coastal town of Malindi, saying it was a matter of self-defense ... more