How far should an amateur boxer run

Increase endurance in boxing by jogging

to jog is the ideal and indispensable sport to increase your endurance enormously. Regular training and a suitable training plan are important. But before you start running, there are a few things you should definitely know.

What are the advantages of regular endurance training? The cardiovascular system adjusts to a significantly slower pulse, less work of the heart and lower blood pressure at rest and during exercise.

As a result, the heart works gently and has more reserves left over during exertion. The muscles are better supplied with blood, work more economically and utilize the oxygen and fuel supplies much better, so that fatigue only occurs later.

Not only physical performance, but also your own self-confidence and resistance to numerous diseases is increased.

As J├╝rgen Weineck said.

"If there were a drug that would have beneficial effects similar to those of regular endurance training on all risk factors for degenerative cardiovascular diseases, you could hardly pay for it!"

How to train your stamina by jogging

Don't rush into anything, take it slow! Beginners in particular tend to exaggerate and exhaust themselves so quickly that running is no longer fun after a short time and you stop running.

If possible, train for 10-15 minutes a day or 2-3x 30 minutes each time. Because only regular training will bring you the progress you want.

A good warm-up exercise is very important and will reduce the risk of strain or other injuries. Start with slow runs and then increase your workload.

The training distance should first be increased and then the training speed. If you are so far that you can run for 60 minutes without interruption, you can start with shorter but faster routes.

The best training times are in the morning and late afternoon. Especially now in summer the sun rises early and you can start the day fit in the fresh morning air.

After every workout, you should run out loosely to lower your pulse again. Abruptly stopping running and then sitting or lying down should be avoided and increases the risk of a heart attack. Don't forget to stretch the stressed muscles at the end!

What equipment do I need for running?

A good running shoe is everything! Your feet and back will thank you later! Get advice from a good sports shop.

Depending on the weather, you should dress well. Especially now in spring, when the weather is not too warm, you shouldn't be fooled by the sun and put on lighter tracksuits. When the weather is warmer in summer, you can run without worries in simple shorts and a T-shirt.

For everyone who uses smartphones, it is advisable to download a running app such as Nike-Running. With such an app you can record your personal routes with GPS and then evaluate them. You will notice how practical such an app is and how motivating it is.

Every beginning is difficult, but after a short time you will enjoy running and notice the positive aspects for your body and mind. Because pain is only weakness that leaves the body!