How can you reuse medical waste

Medical waste treatment equipment

The sinTion device produced by Christof Industries sterilizes and disinfects medically infectious waste. The treated waste can be disposed of immediately in the household waste or shredded with the shredTion device before disposal.

sinTion: Dispose of infectious waste safely and in an environmentally friendly manner

sinTion disinfects and sterilizes infectious waste from hospitals, clinics and laboratories in a safe and environmentally friendly way using a patented process (microwave saturated steam technology). The sinTion is listed in the disinfection processes tested and recognized by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).


  • The combination of microwaves and saturated steam enables the disinfection / sterilization of all infectious waste
  • Pre-vacuum and vacuum drying
  • High throughput (up to 210 liters of waste per hour)
  • Easily adapted to local conditions, container solution possible
  • High microbiological effectiveness of all viruses (including coronaviruses)

shredTion: Shredding non-infectious waste easily and efficiently

The shredTion shreds disinfected medical waste. The device can be flexibly combined with the sinTion. Waste is shredded into granules and this enables a significant reduction in waste.


  • Cost-saving reduction in the amount of disinfected medical waste
  • Uniform, machine-friendly shredding through load-controlled waste feed
  • Slowly running rotor (25 rpm) for high torque and reduced wear
  • Low maintenance costs, easy operation