Why does someone hear Cardi B.

Cardi B doesn't listen and isn't rude - she just does internal monologues

If you should ever meet Cardi B and want to tell her something, you can save yourself the trouble: The “Bodak Yellow” interpreter will not listen to you, as she constantly conducts inner monologues and cannot concentrate on two voices at the same time.

Rapper with voices in her head
All of her fans should have recognized that Cardi B is not completely normal and cannot be pigeonholed. It was not for nothing that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was able to make a name for herself before her career in the music business and attract a lot of attention with videos. Whether she was talking about other superstars who stole her charger or lighters, debating US politics, or declaring that she deliberately kept her marriage to herself, her Instagram followers are always told Cardi B's truth.

It doesn't look any different in 2019 either: In the latest prank, Offset's wife addressed the fact that she simply switches off in some conversations and doesn't want to be labeled as arrogant or impolite. Instead, she would reply to the "voice in her head", have internal monologues, and simply not be able to concentrate on two conversations at the same time. Cardi B confessed via Instagram: “You are talking to me and the voice in my head starts to ask me questions like: 'Hey, where is that green Balenciaga shirt that you wore yesterday?' Then I answer in my head: 'I don't know, Schl * mpe. I think I forgot about it in grandma's house. ’I’m not really listening because the voice in my head is talking to me. I don't know if this happens to other people too, but it happens to me. So if I look at you guys weird, it's because I'm having a conversation with my own shitty thoughts. That's why [I don't answer]. "

With the video, the rapper wanted to explain the fact that many people she has met ask themselves whether she “likes the person or not because she just looked at the person she was talking to as if he / she was crazy”.

By the way, she couldn't answer why Cardi B has problems with the voice in her head and hopes that her fans will understand her.