A sauna belt reduces fat

Sweat belt against belly fat - does that help?

A sweat belt against belly fat, can it help melt away those pesky pounds around your belly? Sweat belts or abdominal belts are often discussed as to whether they are any good when it comes to the fight against belly fat.

What is a so-called sauna slimming belt or also called a sweat belt and how exactly does it work? What is the difference to an abdominal belt? How should I use a sweat belt if I want to shape my waist? Or is wearing a sweat belt and its effects on belly fat just a myth?


Sweat belt against belly fat - top 3 models

The sauna belt is not the only way to stimulate fat burning through sweating. If you don't just focus on your stomach, but also on your legs and buttocks, you should take a closer look at the so-called sauna pants.

The same principle applies here as with an abdominal belt, only that you can also use it to shape the legs and buttocks. Sauna vests are also popular to stimulate the sweating effect on the stomach and arms.

1. Sweatness Sauna Slimming Belt

This enjoyableabdominal belt to be worn is off latex-free neoprene manufactured and fits yourself to one Waist circumferenceup to 110cm Perfect at. This model can also be developed with the help of a Velcro fastener perfect Adjust waist size. In this way, the sweat belt can be adapted to your personal waist size.

Once put on, it carries itself very convenient and slipped also Not. As with all models, the skin underneath to sweat at, promotes the Blood circulation and helps to declare war on annoying bacon rolls.

During the sporting activity you don't even notice that you are wearing the belt. This also applies to this model problem-freeunder the Everyday clothescarried can be withoutto attract attention or a uncomfortablefeeling to leave behind.

Because who wants can the Abdominal belt just Notjustwhile the Sports wear him, too use to the Kidney region to to warm or a more upright posture to guarantee.

in the scope of delivery are next to that belt also a little practical one Storage bagas well as practical Exercise Instructions in form of E-books with it. This is sent via email.

Just keep the belt briefly with you every now and then Hand washclean.

TIP: If you want, you can also put on your belt for a sauna! Here the sweating effect is intensified again and the skin becomes velvety soft.

2. Bracoo fitness belt

The sweat belt against belly fat is made of 75% neoprene and 25% nylon.

The Neoprene ensures that you under the belt to sweat begins. The belt comes with a Velcro fastener closed and has the length of 102 cm as well as a width of 20 cm.

The belt is comfortable to wear and cares next to that Sauna effect also for one straight attitude. In the cold season it can also be used as a Kidney warmer do good service. The belt can either while the sporting activity or simply in everyday lifecarried become.

It doesn't stand out under clothing. Despite the sweating effect, it remains comfortable to wear, the moisture is directed to the outside and therefore does not disturb.

The Abdominal belt can with the hand problem-free washed become. At first a slight odor can be noticed, this is normal due to the neoprene material. But this evaporates after a while.

3. Emooqi abdominal belt

This model too sits well and is very comfortable around the waist and closes with a Velcro fastener adjust to the waist size. The belt has a Length of 115 cm and is 45 cm wide. The belt is off Neoprene material produced.

The sweat belt is very comfortable to wear, he supports at the same time the move and takes care of a upright posture. As soon as you wear clothes over it, it is no longer noticeable at all.

Since the moisture is passed on to the outside, it can also be worn under office clothes in everyday life without any problems. However, the sweating effect is of course more effective during exercise.

At first the belt can smell a bit (but we could not detect it). If necessary, he can go through from time to time Hand washcleaned become.

What is a sweat or abdominal belt and how does it work exactly?

Again and again the discussion flares up whether a sweat belt against belly fat can actually have a positive effect on the abdominal girth. Some are enthusiastic, others see no point in this product. Opinions are rightly divided because, like so many other things, this is not a miracle cure. It can lead to a certain degree of success, but you also have to do something yourself or adapt certain boundary conditions.

The so-called sweat or abdominal belt is actually a very simple thing. It is made of neoprene material and aims to make the skin sweat underneath. These special belts are wider than normal belts so that they can cover the whole waist.

The sweat belt is long enough to be able to be placed around a slightly wider abdominal circumference. It is adjusted to the waist circumference with the help of a Velcro fastener. The good thing about a sweat belt against belly fat is that it fits comfortably and comfortably around the stomach.

You don't have the feeling of transforming yourself into a pressed sausage, and you can choose how tight you want to wrap it. However, it should of course be rather tight, otherwise you won't sweat so quickly underneath.

A sauna belt can be worn under clothing either during sport or during leisure time. It is not noticeable underneath and the sweat is carried away to the outside, so that there is no unpleasant feeling on the skin if you wear it while working. It also supports the lower back, keeps you warm on cold days and ensures an upright posture.

How long should I wear the sweat belt?

There is no unanimous opinion here. Most manufacturers recommend a wearing time of about 30 minutes. But if you want, you can wear the belt for several hours a day. It will eventually have a somewhat annoying effect because you actually start to sweat underneath.

Does the sauna belt have any other advantages?

Yes, because it gets really nice and warm under the belt because the blood circulation is promoted, you can also relieve tension in the lower back region. In addition, sweat belts ensure a more upright posture as they stabilize the back.

What is an abdominal belt and how does it work?

In addition to the neoprene abdominal belt, the so-called abdominal muscle belts are also making a name for themselves. The aim here is not to make the skin sweat underneath, but to stimulate the muscles via electrodes. This leads to the fact that fat is broken down and muscles are built up.

But be careful, pay attention to your diet and do sports. You can turn your belt on on the sofa in the evening, but if you also do sports and eat healthily, you want to convert your belly fat into abdominal muscles. If you consider these two important secondary requirements, you can actually achieve positive long-term success with an abdominal muscle belt.

Such a belt works over EMS (E.electrical M.muscleS.timulation), i.e. more or less strong electric shocks are used to contract the muscles and thus get them to work.

In case of doubt, this method is better than a sweat belt to effectively declare war on belly fat. However, as mentioned above, regular exercise and a balanced diet are a prerequisite.

Simply put on the abdominal muscle belt after training - preferably on non-training days - start a program and let the belt or the electrodes incorporated in it do their work. With most abdominal muscle training belts, you can determine the intensity of the electric shocks yourself.

Depending on the intensity, the muscles are then more or less stimulated. Here you should be careful at first, because too high an intensity can actually trigger very uncomfortable sore muscles if you are not trained! You can then increase the intensity step by step.

The abdominal muscle belt can also be put on on the non-training days or in the evening on the sofa to stimulate the muscles. The programs last between 20 and 30 minutes.

The advantage of this method is that - even after the EMS training with the belt - the fat burning remains stimulated for up to an hour afterwards and thus a higher calorie consumption takes place.

In our self-test, this method achieved a result faster and more effectively than the sweat belt. However, the stimulation takes some getting used to at first.

Abdominal Belt - Top Favorite

1. Beurer: Top favorite price / performance ratio

In contrast to the models mentioned above, this belt works with electrodes that stimulate the muscles. So there is no sweating effect here, but electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles.

You can choose between five different training programs. They last on average between 20 and 30 minutes. Simply put on the belt and the central and lateral muscles on the abdomen are set to work.

During the training you can choose the intensity of the stimulation yourself (between 0 and 40). The abdominal muscle belt can be used for a waist circumference of 70 cm to 140 cm. Thanks to a Velcro fastener, it adapts individually and is also very comfortable on the skin. The belt works with batteries which are included in the scope of delivery.

The belt is provided with a removable control element. You can set your program as well as the intensity on the LCD display. The belt can be hand washed. To do this, simply remove the control element.

Important: Before each use, make sure that the electrodes on the inside of the belt are moistened so that the electrical impulses can be transmitted.

Does the sauna belt help you lose weight on the stomach?

It is definitely so that you sweat underneath, especially if you wear the belt during an exercise. In the process, the body naturally loses water and the waist can actually lose its size and become slimmer after a while. We were able to determine this ourselves at least in a test lasting several weeks. However, body fat has not yet been tackled here.

But at the same time, the sweating effect also stimulates fat burning, which in turn can have a long-term positive effect on belly fat in connection with exercise and wearing the belt.

But it is important here that you do sports and wear your belt at the same time. Sitting on the sofa and hoping that the sweat will shed the pounds is simply a hopeless thing.

In addition to sporting activity while wearing the waist belt, a balanced diet is of course an absolute must in order to achieve a positive effect with the belt. In addition, one should not hope for an effect after wearing them a few times. The best thing to do is to just put on the belt whenever you do sport, so make it a habit.

Regular sweating under the belt can lead to a narrower waist in the long term, as we were able to find out for ourselves at least in our 4-week test. But you have to be active in sports and at the same time pay attention to a balanced diet!

So the sweat belt against belly fat can have a positive effect on belly fat in combination with exercise and diet.

What are the differences between a sweat belt and an abdominal muscle belt?

In which Sweat belt against belly fat it is a belt which Neoprene material is made. This leads to the skin becoming too underneath when worn sweat begins.

In connection with a sporting activity, this in turn leads to the fact that fat burning is stimulated. First of all, however, you only lose water, as if you were in a sauna. In the long term and in connection with wearing the belt during any sporting activity, belly fat can also begin to melt. But this also requires sport and a balanced diet.

The Abdominal belt works with incorporated Electrodes about which more or less strong Power surges (you can determine the intensity yourself) the Contract muscles or stimulate.

So here you can convert fat into muscle mass. But even here you will not achieve your goal without additional regular exercise and a balanced diet. However, if you consider these additional important factors, the book muscle belt can actually be a helpful thing for building muscle or losing fat.

So these two belts are fundamentally different from each other and, according to our experience, muscle stimulation is more promising than a pure sweat belt. Nevertheless, this can also be interesting. Namely, if you wear it very regularly during exercise and at the same time adjust your diet. Under these conditions, we were able to determine a positive change in the waist circumference after some time.

In terms of price, there are also a few euros between the sweat belt and the abdominal muscle belt. Because the abdominal muscle belt is more expensive because it works with the help of electrical impulses and is not a sweat belt.

Which belt should I choose?

If you do not decide on a balanced diet and sporting activity at the same time, you do not need to use the belt mentioned above. Because just counting on the positive power of the belt to lose belly fat will definitely go wrong. After that, of course, it is also a question of your wallet and preference for one method or the other.

Certainly not to be forgotten are the many on offer Sports equipment which you can easily with yourself at home can use to train his body. Or you can use a fitness device that is geared towards declaring war on belly fat.

In order to get your body in shape or to develop your own fitness or to stay fit, discipline and stamina are the first things you need to do. Regular physical activity and a balanced diet also play a very important role.

Only a combination of several factors leads to long-term success! This applies to the fight against belly fat, cellulite and much more ...

Nevertheless, you have to keep your head up and just try it out, find fun in exercise as well as a healthy diet and you have mostly solved more than one problem. Another helper for weight control can be a body analysis scale. It not only measures weight, but can also record the body's own fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density and much more ...