Why is Japan so cheap

That costs a trip to Japan (3 weeks) with savings tips

Is Japan expensive? It can also be done cheaply. Here's everything about costs & budget

For many, Japan is on the “must see” list when it comes to new travel destinations. I felt the same way. I pinch myself now and ask my companion "Were we really here?" - it was great.

Have you already wondered how much money you need for a trip to Japan?

So that you have an approximate idea of ​​the budget, I have listed our expenses here.

What does the cost of a trip depend on?

Of course, it always depends on how you travel, what you want to see and whether you go out to eat a lot.

In Japan you can spend a lot of money on very good food (the average is really good). Also for Hotels you can leave a lot of money behind. Especially if you are like us Cherry blossom (main season) from the end of March to mid-April travels in Japan.

Since I got questions about the costs and prices for Japan during my trip, I have created a list here so that you can get an idea of ​​how much money you need for a trip to Japan.

We also have tips on how to go on holiday to Japan more cheaply than we did.

Because I have to see: What normal person goes to all of the five listed Tokyo viewpoints? And who of them visits one of them a second time just because the Skydeck is open? Nobody. Just me as a curious blogger who wants to look at everything so that I can give valuable and honest tips. Without copying from travel guides.

Of course, we have also tested all the specialties of Japanese cuisine. Shabu Shabu, Kaiseki and the famous Kobe beef. All of these dishes are expensive and usually cost over 100 euros per person. But we have also tested other restaurants that are very cheap.

So we can give you tips that fit into every budget!

Let's get started - have fun!

Cost of flights to Japan

If you book early and watch the airlines' offers, you can already have direct flights from Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf to Tokyo from 600 euros Find. We were on too short notice and were therefore happy to have even got a plane ticket for the cherry blossom season and the Easter holidays.

Therefore, our direct flight from Düsseldorf to Tokyo (Narita) took approx. 1100 euros cost. In the end, it was a little cheaper because I was able to redeem a few miles thanks to Miles and More.

Japan travel guide costs

Before the trip, we bought a lot of travel literature and travel guides for Japan. We wanted to deal more with the country and the culture. In Japan I bought another book that I hadn't seen before. For "normal travelers", I would say 1-2 travel guides are sufficient (my tip: Lonely Planet for Japan and Dumont directly Tokyo).

  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide Japan, Kindle version 26.99 euros and printed 28.99 euros
  • Dumont Direct Tokyo Travel Guide: 11.99 euros

All other recommendations for very good Japan travel guides

Costs for overnight stays in Japan

We traveled to Japan for cherry blossom and Easter. It is usually said that Japanese people book hotels at least six months in advance of the trip. We were very late with a few weeks to two months before departure.

All tips for hotels, ryokan and guest houses were fully booked. So sometimes we had to pay a little more to get accommodation. Make sure to book in time !!!

When it comes to accommodation, it depends on your needs. You can stay overnight in capsule hotels very cheaply. Japanese-style guest houses are also inexpensive (advantage: large rooms and mostly their own bathroom with shower. Disadvantage: not everyone likes the futon beds on the floor. We thought it was great). Hostels are also inexpensive, and sometimes private apartments are available through Airbnb.

Our experience with Airbnb apartments in Japan: Often there are elements such as a dryer / sauna that you cannot operate if you do not understand the characters. So it was with us. A timer went on every hour and kept me sitting upright in bed until after several hours I somehow got the thing deactivated. That night, I vowed to myself that I'd rather spend more money on a hotel than go through something like that again. Now let's laugh about it ...

Or the walls are so thin (was the case in Tokyo) that you hear your drunken neighbor every night and are completely exhausted the next day. No fun if you want to explore the metropolis with millions. My demands increase with age ;-)

In Japan there is Apartments (Airbnb), Business Hotels, Hotels, Love Hotels(Love hotels), Hostels and Ryokans.

Hotels are cheaper than hotels, apartments are usually cheaper than business hotels and hostels or capsule hotels are the cheapest.

Overview of our accommodations in Japan

All prices given here are for 2 people:

nightsplaceaccommodationper nighttotal
4TokyoAirbnb Apartment, Asakusa *126,84 €507,35 €
1HakoneFuji Hakone Guest House82,00 €82,00 €
1Fuji KawaguchikoMt. Fuji Hostel SAMURISE92,51 €92,51 €
3KanazawaThe Share Hostels Kumu154,67** €464,01 €
4KyotoAirbnb Apartment *81,84 €327,37 €
1NaraGuest House Iki49,03 €49,03 €
2OsakaAirbnb Apartment *83,58 €167,18 €
3HiroshimaHiroshima Washington Hotel97,12 €291,36 €
2TokyoPark Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo Tower Side)265,79 €531,58 €
23∅ 109,23 €2.512,39 €
  • * Prices include cleaning fees and Airbnb service fees
  • ** In Kanazawa there was only one 4-bed room with 2 bunk beds. Normal double rooms would have cost 45 € less per night.

Transport costs in Japan

First of all, we bought the Rail Pass for 21 days. Because we wanted to travel quickly and save time. The pass costs around 440 euros, depending on the exchange rate.

You can find all information about the Japan Rail Pass here.

Transportation in Tokyo

In Tokyo we took the airport limousine bus (3,100 yen per person) because our Airbnb host claimed that this would be the fastest option and that we would come directly to the nearby train station. Unfortunately, that was not the case and in the end we could have taken the metro just as quickly).

  • Airport Limousine Bus Narita Airport - Asakusa 1,300 yen (approx. € 23.60)
  • Metro ride to Narita Airport: 1,550 yen (about € 11.80)
  • Buy a Pasmo card 500 yen (approx. € 15.28) - you get it back at the end of the trip
  • Total Pasmo card costs for metro journeys in Tokyo: about 3,000 yen (22.91 €)
  • 2 single journeys on the 1st evening without the Pasmo card: 340 yen (approx. € 2.60)

In Tokyo we used the different metro lines a lot. We didn't pay attention to whether it was a JR line or another. We didn't live at any of the JR stops.

That's why we had them Pasmo card increased. This costs 500 yen Pledge that you can get yourself back at the end of the trip. Alternatively there is the Suica Card. However, we slept through buying them directly at the airport and in the next few days only came to train stations where we could buy the Pasmo card. The cards work exactly the same. The costs are also the same.

Other transfers outside of the JR Pass in Japan

  • Bus Kawaguchi-ko - Tokyo Station: 1,800 yen (€ 13.75)
  • Kyoto: Taxi Station - Accommodation: 1,410 yen (approx. € 10.70)
  • Round-trip bus ticket to Daigatso Temple Kyoto, 260 yen (approx. € 1.99)
  • Day ticket for bus in Kyoto: 1,200 yen (approx. € 9.17)
  • Total of individual bus trips in Kyoto: 690 yen (5.20 €)
  • Osaka: Taxi Station - Accommodation: 1,560 yen (approx. € 11.92)
  • One way subway Osaka: 180 yen (approx. € 2.75)
  • 2 x single trip Hiroshima S-Bahn: 360 yen (approx. € 2.75)

Entrance fees for sights and tours

To be added, the list is very long.

Food and drink costs

A detailed list follows. We really tried a lot of dishes. We tried everything that looked different, especially in markets. We shared a lot so we could eat more.

We also grilled the “expensive” Japanese cuisine such as Shabu Shabu, Kaiseki and Yakitori-style Wayagu (Kobe beef). You can really save here if you shop cheaply in convenience stores, order ramen soup from the vending machine or eat sushi on the assembly line (by bullet train). We tested that too.

In total, the expenses for food stand at 987 euros per person. If you were to deduct the three expensive meals of over 100 euros per person each, you would beica. 650 euros. That would mean we would have spent 26.90 euros per day on food (especially coffee and beer - that's expensive).

A detailed list follows.


Will be added.

Conclusion of my costs for traveling to Japan

We have per person with all expenses 3,690.40 euros issued. If you take into account our short-term planning and booking, the higher prices for the direct flights shortly before Easter (also booked shortly before the trip) and the higher prices for hotels during the cherry blossom season, the costs go well and are fully within our budget.

Because we have tested all the culinary delights - no matter how expensive, and have visited all the observation platforms in Tokyo - our expenses are certainly above the average for Japan travelers.

Japan Guide with all tips for the trip

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