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Cathay Pacific is losing interest in Boeing 777X

Six months after Boeing's board of directors decided to officially launch the program in May 2013, the orders came. First Lufthansa announced an order for 34 copies, then Etihad an order for 25 copies. And in December, Cathay Pacific announced it would buy 21 Boeing 777Xs.

Lufthansa has since reduced the order to 20 copies. Etihad has also been trying to renegotiate the contract for the new long-haul jet for some time. And now the order from Cathay is apparently shaking. The airline is not only suffering from the Corona crisis. The airline had previously suffered from the unrest in Hong Kong.

New data for deliveries

Cathay wants to at least delay delivery of the 777X, writes the South China Morning Post. The handover of the first jet was planned for the end of 2021. The management of Cathay Pacific had already confirmed in March that it would talk to Airbus and Boeing about new data for the acceptance of planes.

But converting the 777X order is apparently also an option. The airline is considering buying smaller 787-10s instead of 21 Boeing 777-9s, the paper said. This will prevent you from losing your down payments. At the same time, the plane with less capacity fits better into the post-corona world. Many airlines expect that demand will take years to return to pre-crisis levels.

Order book could drop below 300 copies

If Cathay prevails, the order book for the 777X falls below 300 copies. It is very likely that it will come to this one way or another at some point. Because all airlines are now short of cash and expect less growth.