How do I make a pottery stamp

Make creative stamps yourself: With our tips it’s guaranteed to work

Stamping is part of handicrafts and DIY projects like milk in muesli. Stamps can be used to decorate not only envelopes or gift tags, but also textiles and flower pots. You can easily make your own stamps yourself and use them to individually design and beautify objects. You can find out how this works, what you need for it and which variants are particularly suitable for children in the small DIY stamp 1 × 1.


How you can make beautiful stamps yourself

Dead easy

There is a whole range of materials that are suitable for designing your own creative stamps. Let's start at fruit and vegetables: You only need to dip halved lemons, peppers or apples in acrylic paint and then press them onto a sheet of paper. Even children (and even fathers;)) can conjure up beautiful natural patterns without much effort.


Child's play with a little help



Potato print

Also from Potatoes can you Stamp itself do. Cut a medium to large potato in half lengthways or widthways, depending on the size of the design. Then you press a cookie cutter into the meat of the potato and carefully cut off the excess edge around the mold. Your DIY stamp with handle is ready to be stamped.



Salt dough stamp

Small and large print motifs can also be made from salt dough just as quickly. These stamps are wonderfully easy to make for children and give you a lot of creative freedom. You can also shape them directly with cookie cutters or create patterns with wooden sticks.

Stamp with foam rubber

With Foam rubber you can make great figures and patterns for stamps yourself. Since the material is very thin, you can open it Wooden blocks, styrofoam blocks or bottle caps stones glue to make stamping easier. Either you use ready-made pictures or you get creative yourself and draw on the foam rubber with a pencil animal, one flower or a Zigzag pattern. Then you cut out your motif with a cutter and fix it with glue or a hot glue gun on a crown cap or a block.

Make stamps yourself with sprinkle decoration

Also from Wood sprinkle decoration you can easily decorate it Make stamps yourself. You glue the small motifs on the underside of wine corks and you can start with the DIY stamps. This variant is also ideal for one Afternoon handicrafts with your children.


For advanced stamp artists - carve stamps yourself

It gets a little more demanding with an eraser or linoleum. You paint your motif on the surface of the rubber and then carefully scratch off layer by layer. The Depressions will later remain white or empty when stampingwho have favourited bumps take on color. Due to the risk of injury, the Manufacturingthis stamp is more for older children or adults suitable. The little ones can, of course, also test the stamps.



What additional materials do you need

You need one for your self-made stamps Pen to draw on and depending on the selected stamp variant, one Scissors, cookie cutters, a Carving knife or a Cutter knife. With the latter two you scratch off the layers of the linoleum. Wooden skewers can be used wonderfully with salt dough to create points or lines. With glue If necessary, fix the handle on the motif.

For stamping yourself, you can use a finished ink pad use or you take Acrylic, water, food or textile paint. That depends on what surface the paint is supposed to hold on to. A small felt mat, which you keep in a shallow bowl or a deep plate, is suitable for wiping off the paint. This will keep the pillow moist.

Of course also belongs a helping of creativity in addition: Get inspiration for motifs from nature or from books. Or let yourself be infected by the following ideas:


What great things you can embellish with DIY stamps

The classic is of course all sorts of things paperthat you can decorate with funny and creative motifs: envelopes, greeting cards, the notebook or photo book, paper bags, wrapping paper or name cards for the wedding.

But also textiles get one with your self-made stamps individual touch. Beautify fabric napkins, linen tea towels or curtains with colorful motifs. Bright yellow stamps of lemon halves, for example on a tea towel, are perfect in the kitchen. Utensils such as coasters or flower pots become personalif you design them with decorative stamps.

Your creativity is needed!

Make your own stamp very easy. You only need a few materials and you open up hundreds of possibilitiesTo let your creativity run free. Do you still have some potatoes, small cookie cutters and some watercolor there? Then get started and design, for example, a beautiful wrapping paper yourself.


"We've never tried that before, so I'm sure it'll be fine." (Pippi Longstocking)