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  • Melanie from right at the

    As a result of the 14.11 cheated for life, a picture is shown with two angels. Does anyone know which artist painted this? It's called angels in paradise. I would be grateful for any information
  • Berghoff (born 1948) on

    I would also like to know the title of last Friday's song: i never loved (or dreamed) about someone like you ?? Can anyone help me???
    • # 789604 on

      The song is called "Wicked Games" by Chris Isaac
      At least that's what I think you mean.
  • pageme on

    In today's episode (November 14th, Believed for life) an English-language song was played several times. Does anyone know the singer / group / title?
    General criticism: In view of the many inquiries about music titles in this forum, it would be advisable to include the music in the broadcast information as well.
  • olli36 am

    Today (November 14th) there was a rock song in the bar scene / the birthday, that sounded really cool, I would be happy to receive an answer.
    P.S. Went something like "..i see / feel the devil (?) .." Unfortunately, couldn't understand the text.
  • emma am

    what is the name of the song that came 11.11 today? went something like this: i don't think that i need somebody to like ..
    • marina am

      I think I got it "from Kodaline - All I want"? it should be, shouldn't it?
    • sabine am

      James Vincent McMorrow - Wicked Game
    • OllyPeters on

      Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
    • gian de luca on

      if you mean the song "cheated for life" in the following, then it is a cover version of the song "wicked game", which was originally sung by chris isaak. I have not yet found out who the interpreter was here. from the voice i first thought of the singer of the group anthony and the johnsons ...
    • Vienna on

      the original is from Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
    • unknown (born 1957) on

      Title = Wicked Game by Chris Isaak also by Heather Nova! Ritchy
    • Dixi am

      Hey, Emma, ​​the song grabbed me the same way. It's called "Wicked Game" and originally comes from Chris Isaak. But this version of James Vincent McMorrow really gets under your skin .... look at youtu.be under 5nNMdfW1g1g
      The text line reads: "I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you"
    • Berghoff (born 1948) on

      Dixi, you are great, thanks for the info
  • Annette am

    In the episode from 7.11. "Lost luck" was a very nice background music in the scene in the club. Does anyone know who the singer or the band is called? thanks
    • Martin am

      Sugar Man by Rodriguez
    • Marina on

      would like to know that too, wasn't "sugar man" :-(
  • Trish (born 1985) on

    In the episode on Friday (October 24th) "The Last Flight", classical background music could be heard for a long time. Can someone tell me what that was? It would be great
    • Isabella on

      Hi Trish, I only found one information online: It is therefore the piece "Auftakt" by the German film music composer Stefan Schulzki, which premiered on June 28, 2014.
    • Christoph (born 1970) on

      The music sounds very much like Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei.
  • dream on

    Why do all ZDF crime series have to be produced so darkly recently. If the producers run out of color, I feel like I'm in a mourning institution, where the curtains are drawn up so that everything is black and white.
  • misterion on

    Can someone tell me who the culprit from the episode "The dearest thing I have" is? I couldn't finish watching the episode. thanks
  • tom (born 1986) on

    Who is the song from the episode "The best thing I have" when the main character addresses the boy in the disco.

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