Barack Obama is a good singer

Concert for Obama's inauguration : We are one

Traffic collapsed two days before the big event. No one came near the Lincoln Memorial by car on Sunday, where international music and film stars performed for the future president. At the metro stations in central Washington, police regulated access to the platforms to reduce the risk of injury in the crowd. If you wanted to start the inauguration, you had to bring a lot of time, patience and resistance to the frosty temperatures. The organizers had recommended that the place from which the superstars' concert could best be followed is in front of the TV at home. They repeat the advice with a view to today's Tuesday, when Barack Obama takes the oath of office at the Capitol.

For around 400,000, being there on Sunday was more important than visibility and acoustics. America only saw the inauguration of a new president every eight years - and that of the first black man in the White House is surrounded by the pathos of a historic new beginning. America not only celebrates Obama, it celebrates itself and celebrates pride in its democracy. The Lincoln Memorial is a place of pilgrimage. As in an ancient temple, the president, who ended slavery and at the same time defended the unity of the state, sits enthroned behind pillars. The black civil rights activist Martin Luther King made a pilgrimage here to enforce political equality. This was the scene of the large-scale demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

The two hours passed in a rapid succession of pathos, humor and show. Weight of meaning, hymn and lightness of dance alternated with each other. Symbolically, artists of different skin colors appeared together again and again. "We are One" was the title of the concert. Despite all optical contrasts and different musical styles, the message of the day was: “We are one people!” Tom Hanks quoted Lincoln's promise from the speech at the Gettysburg Civil War battlefield that “the government of the people, by the people, for that People “does not go down. Fellow actor Jamie Foxx parodied Obama's election night victory speech, and the future president almost burst out laughing.

The black rapper and the blonde rock singer Sheryl Crow intoned Bob Marley's "One Love". The blind African American Stevie Wonder sang “Higher Ground” with the Colombian Shakira and the “Rhythm & blues” representative Usher. When Pete Seeger, the father of the socially critical folk song, at the age of 89, started the song “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land”, hundreds of thousands fell on the one kilometer long green space between Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, the obelisk in the middle of the National Mall. They saw what was going on on the stage on video screens. The Irish band U 2 with Bono led the way to Obama's speech with “In the Name of Love”, a hymn to Martin Luther King. “The whole world is celebrating,” commented the TV presenter.

The Obama family watched the performances from a platform on the side of the stage surrounded by bulletproof glass, sometimes sang along and jumped up again and again to sway to the rhythm. The older daughter Malia took photos. And Michelle made for conversation with her sand-colored coat worn openly.

Giorgio Armani, designer, accused the designer duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of copying their models at the Milan men's shows. It was about a trouser model that had been presented by Dolce & Gabbana. Victoria Beckham - model for Armani underwear - was seen the day before in the Milan main branch of Dolce & Gabbana. That broke the barrel, they said. dpa

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