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Bitmann, Anna (2021). Foreign language, technical terminology and embodiment. A mixed methods study in CLIL teaching in primary schools. Berlin: Logos. (Link)

Articles in edited collections

Bitmann, Anna, (2019), "A crater is coming from the university" - Discourse functions in science lessons in primary schools: A comparative analysis of the subject-specific terminology of learners with German or English as L1. In: Wowro, Iwona / Jakosz, Mariusz / Gładysz, Jolanta (eds.). Use an open time window! Early foreign language learning - between theory and practice. Göttingen: V&R unipress, 195–214.

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Teaching material

Bitmann, Anna, (2016), Let's Be Film Directors. Animated films homemade. In: Elementary School English 57.

Bitmann, Anna, (2014), What activity do you like? VBE Praxishelfer - Ped. Contributions and lesson plans. Association of Education and Upbringing, Baden-Württemberg State Association, Stuttgart.



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