What is Goyal Orchid Whitefield

Studio Lotus has got the hang of it - welcome to the colorful “Fields Club” in Bangalore

The Fields Club, designed by Studio Lotus in collaboration with Story Studio, is the leisure wing of the Orchid-Whitefield settlement in Bangalore, India. The rooms are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also encourage residents to engage in activities together. Goyal and Co., the residential construction company of the Orchid-Whitefield project, wanted to create their own identity for the nearly 1,400 square meter Fields Club and turned to Studio Lotus, which provided a holistic solution for the interior and the architectural facade of the building.

The room is characterized by plush materials and diverse works of art to appeal to the well-heeled customer base. “The building shell planned by the project architects provided a permanent location for the badminton court and the banquet halls, plus there was a centrally located staircase. We have therefore tried to create intuitive connections between these elements in order to curate a holistic experience, ”says Ankur Choksi, co-founder of Studio Lotus.

The design team first mapped the activities of the users in order to then develop the necessary spatial connections and the usage plan. The fulcrum of the various activity zones is the central staircase around which the rooms are wrapped over three levels. The ground floor is planned as a hub for the community, with areas for games and entertainment on the level above to provide a sense of relative seclusion and tranquility. At the top, the gym, yoga room, steam bath and spa await the members.