Who was the very first Jedi

Who was the first Jedi or Sith in Star Wars history?

There was no single Jedi, but a group. The first order was that Order of the Dai Benduthat formed sometime 37,000 years before the Battle of Yavin (Episode IV). They discovered a device that seemed to be speaking to them. a thousand years later this device awoke and it turned out to be a spaceship.

This spaceship brought them to the planet Tython, where they got the Order of the Je'daii founded. That is why this planet is considered the cradle of the Jedi Order.

It was made up of people from all over the galaxy who could hear the call of this spaceship. The planet itself had two moons - Bogan and Ashla - which were colonized in the course of time, but eventually given up again. These two moons represented the light (Ashla) and dark (Bogan) side of power, which inspired the idea of ​​two different sides of power born from a single manifesto. Should a Jedi feel particularly attracted to one side, then he was banished to the corresponding moon, where he should meditate and regain his balance.

Of course, at some point a war broke out between the two factions and the remaining supporters of the light sides developed into it Jedi order.

However, Bogan's followers were no Sith Lords. They just had different views.

During this war, Bogan's followers were defeated and the remaining followers of Ashla proclaimed that they were the stronger side of the power. It was they who founded the first Jedi Council.

The first among them was Jedi Master Rajivari. He founded a lot, including the archive. But at some point he fell for the dark side and became the first dark Jedi. However, he was still not a Sith.

The Sith are actually a separate species of humanoid power users. Red skin is typical for them. She already existed in the days of the Je'daii order and there was also Sith Je'daii. They leaned toward the dark side, but they weren't the Sith Lords as they would later become known.

The dark Jedi Ajunta Pall would discover the planet Zoist, where the Sith species lived, about 7000 before the Battle of Yavin. He learned their views and uses of power, although the species itself was still quite primitive. Because of the technology he always carried with him, he was quickly seen as a kind of god and they called him "Dark Lord". That made him the first Sith Lord. He expanded the Sith territory and led the species as leader.