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Indiana Tribune, Volume 17, Number 171, Indianapolis, Marion County, March 10, 1894 - Page 3

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r V. V 3SSCkr? 'JVR-Av 7 WA & a. mmm & rrsirc MW- "43 w.;: ---: O - Aj & l-vgi cures rheumatism, bruises. JaZusHmcrzcl !, Vraudwuttdcn, neuralgia, sprains, sprains, chilblains, coughsZHuzerzen. .ren'Hciten der Vrnst, der Lungen und der Kelzle. Only in original Pcöetkn. Price? & Cents. Prci) Cents. Price Cents. Dr.GFTheel, 1317 .srdj Str., VbilaielpHka. Pa. 'Ter einvge. tvabre spialist in America who can cure, according to, even the famous told everyone changed ?! went,:. Dr. Ibrel is the inzig r, t the ttit of the adt three m, dizmlschen schools (the Zll'e. do see us the user choice) smdirt in his treatment. He shares SzvhiliZ. Sscbwure, Mund und aUlei8en, lichens and all Io'.pen the Kldflkrkung and follow iti AusschiveisenZ with closed or linver t) itatcttn, outflows. You are still so desperate. Come or drive. ScrstunbmKorneT9bi Z Ubr.Abenkt bi8ll $ r. Wednesday on Saturday? s until 1 o'clock. Sunday? 9 to 11 sub. The happiness of those who suffer. 4 years ago, I was lucky enough to have the terrible disease syphilis to work through tattoirs, with a Haiti that was first told to my friend, who had no knowledge of the philosopher. The disease only emerged in a milder form. ZZonlullirte two doctors or Srk lg. Velam outbreaks after Z months a whole StfcVit ton head and foot. Visited a third month without irfol $. Then I saw one in an advertisement. em 'ladelphlaer rii, who claimed all sick people would heal when others went. I consulted him, decreed 5000, but no cure was any relief, lost my hair. The pain and itching became insurmountable, could sleep a little longer. I mean day and night of torture, ifein Körrer Kar with jiiipiti uioiy: re happy gcocai. l'iuätt irotiüionat da room büken uud k not ardeiien for months. I thought death brings redemption. Ta fctiuifit me in stray who says; Edward right looking, but lintr. Theel. 1317 Arch tr. Phila .. a. The one in 1z who can heal you. I love Tr. Tlieel dersagie, lernn and lai, e search for you, what I have too. Refuel the Allmch'iaen and 2r. ZhttVi Ti aroKarligeSeschicklichkei 'and ttäb' iV tjfeit- fctort be! Ain i, 4 SLinit 'JT $ typ'd rung. knew to rest reddened, after k -l.s; .. 'S' & 6 l): cnttteit tpslt my Korver like newborn. after further L 2) lona: en I was thoroughly tuiirk. I send him a friend. vit araßlichen Aolgen ren eldstdefleckung the otherwise no cure ge sunoe baiie. Ader Tr. TKeel cured and made a healthy strong ann cu Jdm. inn jet strong? old ever. Z) whether right or poor. and aroused unsaüe d, falich berachkt. swindled and cheated, not desperate, may say who wants the Dr. Theelsri nothing, aeh hin yi Qm, r cures absolutely, lim rzt who treated me with QuackllKkr. said, Theel is worthless, you do a thing. rbefärchiet. we became s, n ignorance auieek tea. Theel is coarse, humble, igfte and good-natured living man. My Slu? Azen will confirm the truth if you investigate. Sometimes I say Tr. .ff. TKeel is the coarse and atleritete on a'e Coial, sten. Edward Z.. üOit m. PottStov? n. Va. "? Rtf1 t 1 A aimmm 0 vrm & x. F3 & -Ss.. -Iä- v 't iv.rz -.- f- li, TsKeine Silse. Stein Tchnnrxbart. No payment. No payment. Scab healed. I tnite to produce Gentratte with everyone, stuff or Santnare, who audition in m: incr Oince at my Slgenlen voruSgesyt. The Kovbaut ickr shines or their gc sleeps.? N dieicm fixSt giedt eS frtne fetl't. Svrecbrn Ti? before and open each other free of charge. If you nod your head, you can then give you the information about the creation of your scalp and your backrest. Pros. G Virklwlz. ftin "111 iWrfnir Trn .. ( Jn'rnnfl jX2SZSSS2SZSeZ5S2S-dS2nZS3S2S2S w ftiiftr Tnirn inirivo iiprn K. linut: InitUi ALnAlo UÖCU. Ra roi SCOUIIIN. CttANSIMO ANft POlltHtnft. Class, Vood, Marblo, Porcelain, Etc. CEORCE WM.HOFFMAN, 8ol Minusictuxer eal Proprietary, 295 Cst Wasmiiton St. Indianapolis. 1 H. rm 1 TUC 01D VCCDCDC 'CDICUn rj iwu UMirrUk.lL.liO I UIUIU in TH2S2S2SSSa5HS2SHSSHSHSSH2 tatet KltllTIKC M W. t. .TtT .. For sale in pharmacies 25 cents? per pound. Chas. Jhndris, Rereliäiit 8u10Nz 2S South Delaware Str., LScke Pearl Strabe.) The new owner assures his friends and customers that he will only serve the best local and imported drinks and cigars. Nük service is Harantirt. OorittagS warm lunch.

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H5MZS. Nl'man to.'st ö rn st E '1 st ei n. (Fsrtretzung.) Vct'.üjccl'.l he prepared the z'ocy- and Lige stitllS.pparate and diluted the sulfuric acid to be used accordingly . He took a larger quantity of cellulose, which he had brought with him in the form of sawdust, and poured it into a sealed buttock. which could withstand a strong pressure, poured the acid over it and boiled the mixture for almost an hour: the wine ice cream lamb. At the same time he treated another quantity of sellulose with dilute nitric acid in a large flask. After the boiling process had been completed, he allowed the two products to act on one another in a certain quantity and temperature, and then cooled the temperature . The expression in Hellmuth's face doctor might have something oppressive for Tvktor Alten. Really fatal, - he said thoughtfully that I am about to introduce myself with an obvious fiasco. The tension in the damping was perhaps too considerable, or the mixture of the two Sows with a fault. I wanted to tell you ad oculos Dcmonstmen that I also obtain amyloid from this method, and to a much greater extent than in the manufacture of parchment paper. Well, as I said, I load you here Perhaps you can literally copy all of the experiments I have described and come up with new and fruity solutions at the points indicated sustainable perspectives. You have the contemporaneous eye of the researcher; You penetrate further than I, who year in and year out I am deep in prazii .... - You underestimate myself No, no! (It's unbelievable. What comes up to me at the beginning of the week! Authorities, associations, private individuals all want to be served, where possible, by hand. What I have to do with the confiscated objects from Markt Vision would be I am fully occupied with a more comfortable gentleman. Then I stalk to the position. If you know anything about what seems to be happening to you, report it to me. Perhaps then the moment has come when my greater experience can intervene to promote it Yes, of course, the whole problem in mind. "Helmut h wavered. The seventy-year-old's warm enthusiasm had made him feel doubly how poor his youth was in comparison with this promising age. But he could not make up for the illness of his condition by making a mere decision So he gave a half-promise, emphasizing that, frankly, he was a little tired: the excessive exertion of his student days would take revenge jt. Well, it doesn't burn on the nail. - tell Altenhöfser. If I've waited so long, it may still take a while: if I ever experience something that is still pending with a result. "The last few moments faded away in a cough. (5 is probably a little cool here, Hellmuth remarked. I am An inattentive landlord. Would you have a glass of grog or something? The chemist thanked him. I have to go to the new paper factory at Johannisthore. The director is waiting for me. When Doctor Altenhöster had left, Hellmuth stretched himself like him, scooped up on his wide, comfortable sofa , put his hands under his head and stared up at the ceiling. A wakeful dream came over him. Once more his past life and the devout diligence, the love of his science, the calm activity of all feeling in the form of Doctor Altenhöfser came before his soul. Inside the laboratory, as darkness fell, an army of whispering spirits seemed to stir, waving and floating like the geniuses threatening revenge in the flowers in the mountain famous poem Ferdinand FreiligrathS. Iix painted this analogy with a strange liveliness and may have really fallen asleep about it. The bottle filled with stone oil on the left corner of the door defines the a lium as an olive-colored oriental. who bowed to Hellmuth and sprinkled him with votive waster. Each drop lit a rapidly dying purple flame. "Around the sprinkling?. Aeichaart, the spirits of sulfur wafted pale and moonlit." .V microscopic angel's head, the 4 J m zaylrelazen erolnoungen oes oy kenstoffs and hydrogen And now suddenly the ser aantt adventurous Svuk disappeared in front of a sunny spring landscape a slender, white creature that came closer and closer; a laughing girl's face had large, glowing eyes; Sa scha. No, she was not a saint, but a beautiful, weak, delicate woman, one of the heavenly ones from Muhammad's Paradise, who only kissing and caressing. About not praying: those who only have love and two suns, but no heart in their breasts and no tears in their eyes. When Oellmutb rose again.

fate was irrevocably sealed. Asked the question for the last time: Do gray thinker, do I follow you? I follow you. Ms. Minne? he had himself with all his might

I decided to go down the street, which Tannhauser once hit and what he can find with Sascha! hoped was just as earthly and pagan. like the mindless intoxication of the knight in Hörselberg. 12th chapter. The November storm passed through the Go! En, '. Ehölz. He carried plaintive tones into the corridors of the villa and rattled the double windows of the dining room, where Frau vrrn Aeresow. the colonel's sister. made the preparations for today's Ab'.nd with sascha. A stately table was set in the front room. Three silver attachments with flowers and fruits shimmer richly over the flashing chaos of glasses. Crystal bowls, plates, cutlery and spoons. Sascha von Rheuss with a piece of paper and a pile of table in hand. waste the place. After she had placed the last of the cards with the stylishly twisted inscription: Mr. Kom.nMll'nsrath Baloum Teuschenthal- on the yellow-green Roman, she looked at the clock, which was just half past three. .Today we are ae enough aunt on time? Kob me once! What is still missing, you can do that without micks? 'The weather has been clarified so tolerably; The storm is easing: I still HAVE to discden ltts vttlc.What are you doing? Nothing special at all. But when I think that I am the whole Aveno mer niusini iiitin. oann grabs me like Unzedui "). I'll be lukewarm for another hour. - But it's still strong winds. And now he's moving too.... - What do I do? I'll hang the coat over the old one, you know, and take the umbrella .After two minutes she appeared gk 'armed. Mini, aunt'. Of course I'll be back before dark. " Don't you want to go over first? "Said the aunt with a beweauna after the colonel’s room. Not, for the world! Papa is in a mood today. Just tell me All these efforts. Even in the kitchen, even the bouauet arrar.girt. Even here the cards have been written, it's great: Sasch 'scurried down the stairs like a rch and slipped into the house. Whoever saw them had to Gain an impression: the lovely, intimate girl does not want to be noticed. After the father's room I had a rather anxious look up. Then she turned to ln! S. Tolate the lun and he passed a hidden one urgently into the wood Hut, low, covered with chins, reminiscent of the romantic Oäuscben- the fairytale world, perhaps also of that cozy home where, according to the poet, despite all the limitations, there is room for a happy couple ... Mascha von Rheun had full Seriously a sweet secret. She hesitantly hid ' from her aunt, and even more so from my brother. Aucv carried it with the dark feeling. oB you a wrong! veging; aoer vlk Luit am Verbotenen outweighed the most ardent objections of her conscience. ... BesaateS remnants, however, were not of the kind that Hell mutb would have asked for. if he had seen the glowing-eyed Nire with her sweet mouth disappear so secretly behind the tree. Hellmuth completely got over Sascha's assessment, for he did not know the genesis of her brisk, high-spirited demeanor. Sascha von Rheuss was the center of socializing in Stiehlberg. the idol of the lieutenant, who, despite his severity and roughness, loved his father, but above all respected and feared him. Completely naive, Sascha had moved her papa among the officers as if among brothers. Neither of them had made an impression on her; but with almost all of them she was on the same footing as a familiarity that often had something unrestricted, yes, bold. It never occurred to even the most careless of these lieutenants to make the daughter of such a harshly impressive father the object or shallow trifle, let alone something worse. Two or three of the most ardent lions of the regiment had fallen in love with Sascha, but without taking on the gauze of a cord: so clear was the utter indifference from the nature of the young girl. Only a young man with as little schooled life experience as Hellmuth could misinterpret this naivete: the connoisseur, as soon as he wears a glowing exterior with Mune, SaschaS. behind the mischievous flash of exuberance, leave the purity and warmth of a genuinely feminine heart: the heart. No, the secret. that Miss Sascha you kissed in front of her papa with so much fearful anxiety was basically a very harmless kind and only caused a certain regret as a result. that Obers von Rheuss was a peculiar in certain points. ' and a marriage broker. with whose outburst of anger you were not just thirsty to cope with. sacha from Rht-us! That afternoon went to her hearty boy ate. These sheep, as they also keep him. .elegcnh ii uanttle, was an all .clest iunslarlacr boy, whose .'ckannisZt she l! tts previous 3ji: i

mer '"had done at the Erddecrluchen. Lutz Marguth was the name of the small, charming lad, a blond head with large, shower-gleaming eyes, not at all shy.' but so loud and so pleasant that she took the boy out of her lap straight away, made love to him stormily, chatted him after father and mother. Little Lutz chatted to delight. He had no papa; only a mother who was off work during the day went, and a dear old, wrinkled grandmother who made coffee and knitted and washed it in the morning and in the evening told him stories about Wols and Red Riding Hoods, about good Snowy and the bad stepmother, about the princess who was not in the church wanted to try it out, but he liked the Rothlappchen because it had such a lovely grandmother who liked to eat wine and cake ... scta, which I had lost her mother at the age of ten and despite the warm Gütt ' which she shared, with no substitute for von Vercson, once felt that something was settling in her heart, something that was related to the joys and dreams of her earliest childhood the

Fear that he sometimes instills in her, passionately: but the man in charge was also a man who would not let himself be taken out of his lap, as Li, and generally such .letuue- found sentimen al by women. Since there was one on oneself that she. once agitated. concluded a lasting friendship with the uncomfortable Lud. Lutz M arg uNz had the good fairy ". As he called sascha von Rheuss, led to his (ros.malüa in the hut Stuude was half asleep. Frau Suke Marguth lived in gloomy conditions. She could no longer earn anything herself, since her kindness was weakened by excessive demand. Her daughter, the wife of ileinen Lutz, brought her on Saturday when she was at the paper mill TKimtclirtc. only the very best with. eocr pfennig was kept here at Ratke. Det little Lnl) even had to earn money by collecting berries and flowers. Then Sascha von Nhenr. had felt the mission in her, this grandmother, that one She had more than three Virclel her - not all too plentiful pocket money - to the people on the one condition that Grau Marguth never followed anything new. ) - The big diamond ::.However, once again the world's attention was drawn to the large diamonds as a result of a new find that was laughed at in South Africa. The n: ue stem. weighs 9 and 1 carats, belongs to the so-called white decimants and is consequently of immense purity. A buyer could not be found: until now, since even kings and emperors have the necessity to buy the food. The smaller demants are not uncommon these days, but the larger ones can be counted on the fingers. There may not be a hundred diamonds in the world that are over 50 carats. Of these countless L) percent are in Europe, that is, the rich people in the Q.'n of our country have their own. K o h i n u r. The two properties that determine the value of a diamond are: purity and weight. To determine the price of a diamond. the number of zcaras :: is multiplied by itself and then calculated according to the price of one carat. , The best known: gronie diamond is the Braganza, property of the King of Portugal, the stone was found in 1793 or 1799 in Brazil. It weighed 1630 karate unpolished, but since it is not completely pure it is said to have only one We? Lh 530,000. First comes Mattan, which was found in the Landak mines in 1787 and belongs to the Sultan of Mattan. Its weight is Der Qrloff. 367 carats, its value) two million dollars. Its color is a light blue of great beauty. The stone is not for sale. The Sultan once flatly refused 5,750,000 and two warships that had been offered to him for it. The Great Mughal or Kohinur is located under the Crown Jewels of the Queen of Er.zland. He was known as early as 1620 - but disappeared until 20th or 40th law late

yT Z.V V. . , A .. JifeprfewfrA mmm U & ktejZK:; Vfev L Mmmw ß $ t nIWÄMÄi w. VUMiDV h m I sf -! '': I! 'L I VSHMZwO r4 $$ && j & V-' '' 'Xl? & J2F

reappeared in Persi m, where he took his name from Nadir Shah Kohinur. so there is called "Berg des Lichtes". Later he went to the Best!) of the East Indian Society

about which he was brought to England in 1856. The diamond mmm i - ri 'c.'j t m m r' 57! a t t a n. rc: g originally M carat, but was ground off cuf 106 carat. But what cr lost in weight, he gained in beauty. Its value was calculated at $ 604, (X9 b. ', But it could not be bought for millions. Other valuable diamonds are the Sicaent or Piit and the Orloff. The l'.dre bf'mdct sch am Scepter d: s Kaisers von RUSSIA: It weighs 193 carats, and neither the Regent nor the Kohinur are second to none in terms of beauty. The Orloff is said to have the serious eye of an Indian: Göi): n g; educated and would be noble by a French deserter. The man sold the star for 2,000 pounds sterling to a ship captain who took it to London, where he held it in different hands. Eventually it came into the possession of Prince Orlois and was made by d :: s: m to Empress Katharine. Gift made. The reg: nt was found by a slave in India in 1701. Derselöe shared his secret with an English seafarer, who took the man from his ship, negotiated the diamond, and had him thrown into the sea as a thank you. 2: .x Stein, however, was sold to IVOOPs and Sterling by the ÄZörder n Thomas Pltt. The diamond woz 401 carats and was estimated from Z2,400,000. w &. - !: rr 'd f X mtmhn' r. , ri. i --.- no x. v A miC 7 Lx. I&Z. tf .; i & wm The Regent. In 1717 it was bought by the Duke of Orleans. For the tent of the first empire (it wrestled into the hands of Napoleon and, according to legend, was found in the Emperor's carriage from the Sanctuary of Waterlzo. The stone is said to have been in Berlin since then. In possession of two diamonds in the Werth: of Z5,000,000 is the Shah of Persia. The stones weigh 186 carats each. The Great Sancy, who in his time belonged to the King of France and who was brought to France by the Quarter in 1570, has a W'rth of half a million dollars. Not long ago the diamond was offered for sale in Paris. Another extremely valuable stone is the yellow diamond in the Austrian imperial crown. Its weight is $ 600,000. The yellow diamond is several valuable Diamonds come from Brazil. Of these, the star of the south is the most valuable. He found a buyer in the Er-Kaiserm Eugenie, who paid $ 400,090 for it should practice. After the emperor's death, Euae never sold the diamond to a wealthy merchant. In the diamond fields in South Africa there were still a few larger stones in the mouth, on the other hand, even the yield of smaller diamonds is quite profitable. For the news of the public that we have significantly enlarged our accident printing plant by purchasing types and presses, and that we are now able to carry out all orders quickly. We hereby ask all our friends, colleagues and business people to send us their orders in the most friendly manner and promise quick and cheap service. Tribune Publ. Co. Meerschaumpfcifen, long German, pipes, cigarrenspihen at Wm. Muqo, 199 East. Washington St.



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The shortest and most direct route Sst, Wssö, Mord, Süd. Vestidul trains with the finest Narlor, Lehnüühle, and dining cars, heated with Damvf and lit with electricity. The most beautiful eggs en vaynzuge n the XxSclt. The excellent workmanship of the Geiene and the Masa) innie allow the greatest speed with the greatest security. The eimiae Lmie. wcicbe ibre Passaalcre after the Grand Central Bat, nhof in Äew V o r k, saving you two hours. The entrance in Chicago allows an overview of the V! Rchiga'l Ävcnue Boulevard and the most beautiful streets of the city. The trains run t: i the Central Abntrs from Clncinnati, the Nnicn-DrtS from Cleveland, Buffalo and Llbeny, serner St. Louiö, Veoria. The Office tn Jntiaaapoli desivdet In: Mfn 1 5 st VJrtfiitnrttnw fXir.if:. V A I V I ilUUWf No. 138 South Illinois Street, and the Union Railway Station, where Tickctö nrS all parts of the Ver. States, Canada and Meriko are to be agreed at the leveling rates, and all the required requirements are necessary. Oscar G. Murray, Sales Director? D. B. Martin, ciu Pass. Agt kl. l. LroO5? R2, auxiliary E.Pass At. dianaL !!!. ? -. Fire Alarm - Sig ?: 4 Pennsylvania and Narkit. 6 Englishs Opera House. 6 Galt and Nero Pork. 7 Noble and Michlgan. 8 New Jerseystr. and Massachusets Av 9 Pine and North. 10 Market and Pine. 1t headquarters deö ZZeuer'Dexart'nltZ. 12 Lt. Clair and Est Etr. 12 No. 2 cpr'nhs. Mass. Ave. near noble. IS Delaware St. and Fort Wat) ne Ave. 14 New Jersey St. and Fort Waune Ave. 15 Peru Ctr. and Massachusetts Are. IS Christian Ave. mii. Aid St. 17 Park Ave. and Butler St. 18 Columbia and Malott Ave. 19 Archer and John Str. '123 No. 9 Hose House, Ash and 7th St. I2i Alabama and Seventh St. IZ5 Central and Lincoln Avenues. IZQ Müdes St. and Lincoln Ave. it kolumbla and Hm Ave. l28 Central Ave. and Achte Str. 129 Exhibition Building. 131 Alabama and Alorrljon Ltr. 132 Stohankpton and Echte Ctr. 134 College Ave. and tenth Etr. 135 5? O: ne Ave. and Delaware St. VSQ iabama and North St. 137 NeNZmann and Acdte Etr. 138 College Avenue and Irwin. zi llinotS unv St. Joseph Str. 23 Pcnnst) lvannia and Pratt Str. 24 Meridlan and Second Str. 25 No. 5 Svr'uhauS, 6. near JUinciiftr 26 Mississippi and Et. Clair Str. 27 JllinoiZ and Michiqan Etr. 23 Pennsrlvania and Fifth St. 29 Misst nivvi and Fourth St. "AZ Tennessee and William St.: 13 Pennsyloc'Nia and Mlchlgan Ctr. 114 Jlllnois and Herbert Et?. 115 Orphanage? For colored people. 16 Tennessee and First St. ffWoriStft i ? rtS fftafii "'VV.VkM. UIIV WKVVVAI.V. ! 18 Clifford and Jesferson Avenues. 31 No. 1 Spr'nhs., Jnd Ave. and me. 32 Meridian and Walnut Etr. 34 California and Vermont St. 35 Blake and N.-m York E: r. 3 Jndiana Ave. and St. Clair Str. 37 Etadt-Hospital. 23 Blake and North St. 39 Michigan and Agnes St ?. J12 West and Walnut St. 113 West and Tritts. 114 Seventh and Howard St. 115 Torbet and Paca St. i! 6 Tennessee and 1st Street. 41 No. 6 Spr'nhauS, Wash. near West Etr. 42 Geißendorf and Washington St. 43 Mtssouri and New V) ott St. 45 Meridian and Washington St. 46 Illinois and Ohio Ctr. 47 Tennessee and 43 Washington St. Aingan's Slaughterhouse. 49 Jndianola, 3 squares from the river. 12 Missouri and Marvland Etr. 113 Mississippi and Wabaih St. 15 MorriS and Cburch St. 1 0. 2.u. W. RundhauZ.Oestl. vom Zlü i23? rren. Ayl. 24 Miley Ave. and National Noad. 51 No. 4 syringe house. Illinois and 52 Illinois and cuitana Ctr. 53 West and McCarty St. Wen and South St. 53 Mississippi and Öenro St. 57 Meridian and 3iäy Etr. 53 No. 10 Echlauchhs. Motris & Mad. 59 Madiion Ave. and Tunlap St. 13 West and Rockwood St. .13 Kentucky Ave. and Merrill Ctr. .14 ​​Union and Morris Ctr. , 16 J: linois and KansaS Str. 17 Morris and Takota Ctr. '.13 Morris and Church Ctr. i Tenneuee and McCarty Str. 21 Meridtan and Palmer Str. ', 23 MorriS Str. and Gürtelbahn. , 24 Madison Ave. and Minnesota St. 61 No. 2 hooks and ladder house, Soustr. 62 Pennsylvania St. and Madison Av. 63 Delaware and McCarty St. 4 East and McCarty St. 65 New Jersey and Merrill St. 67 Virginia Ave. and Bradshaw St. 63 Eaft and Coburn St. 69 Pennsylvania Etr. and Madiso. Ave Z12 McKernan and Dougherty St. U3 East St. and Lincoln Lane. ! 14 East and Beecher Str.! 15 Noble and South Str. 71 No. 3 Spr'nhaus, Wirg Ave. u. Hu '. 72 East and Georgia Streets. 73 Cedar and Elm St. 74 Benton and (Zeorgia St. 75 English Ave. and Pine Etr. 76 Tillon and Bates St. 78 No. 13 Svr'nhous, Prospekt u. Di2a-? 79 Fletcher Ave. and Tillon St. 712 Epruce and Prospekt Etr. 713 English Ave. and Laurel St. 714 Willow and Olive St. 715 Ehelby and Beecher Ctr. 716 German Orphanage. 713 Orange and Laurel St. 721 Lerington Avenue and Linden Ctrc5k 723 Metcher Avenue and Epruce Etra. 724 Tucker and Dorsev's Factory. 81 Market and New Jersey St. '82 Washington and Delaware Ctr. 83 East and Pearl St. 34 New Ork and Davids. 65 Tuub Mute Institution. 88 United States Arsenal. 67 Ortental and Washington St. 69 Women's Reformatory. 312 No. 8 SchlauchhauS, East Wash. St. 813 Market and Noble Etr. 314 Ohio and Harvey St. 315 Arsenal Avenue and Ohio St.. 321 Pan Handle Railroad Shop. 523 Walcott and Carter St. 91 No.7 Spr'nhauS Maryland near Merid. 92 Meridian and Georgia Etr. 93 Meridian and South St. 94 Pennsylvania and Louistana Ctr. 95 Alabama Ct r. and Virginia Ave. Special signals. First 2 chats, second alarm. Second 2 strikes, third alarm. Third two strikes, fourth alarm. 1-2-1 fire out and hose expired 3 strokes, few? Water pressure. 3-3 more water pressure. 12 beats, 12 noon. The first 12 ianal does not stir! T. nimble ia ausaeicblaaen. in the folaend 'the hundred, tens and hoers are gecc & approx

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