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Plan a Solo Vacation Day - Plan a Solo Vacation Day in the United States

The 1st March provides all fans of well-groomed solo travel with sufficient reason to celebrate. At least when it comes to the annual calendar of the USA, which also includes this date as a national calendar Plan a Solo Vacation Day (sometimes also: National Plan a Solo Vacation Day - dt. Plan-to-go-alone-day) lists. Which is why this occasion has its own entry in the calendar of the strange holidays from all over the world deserves and what it is all about in detail, illuminate the lines of this article.

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When is Plane-alone-to-travel day?

The US celebrates its national Plan a Solo Vacation Day on March 1st.

Who Started the National Plan a Solo Vacation Day?

As with so many other curious holidays and action days from the United States, unfortunately, in the case of the National Plan a Solo Vacation Day, hardly anything seems to be known about its origins or backgrounds.

A large part of the popular web calendars and online portals on the subject of curious world days list this occasion for today's March 1st, but as an inclined single traveler you will not get specific information about a possible initiator or the exact year of foundation. But that is a well-known problem in the present context.

Why is US Solo Planning Day falling on March 1st?

Although the meteorological beginning of spring is definitely a good time to plan trips, it unfortunately does not seem to be justified why the unknown initiators chose March 1st as the date for this day of action.

Whether it has something to do with National Pig Day, also celebrated in the USA today, National Peanut Butter Lover's Day or World Compliment Day, I could Unfortunately, in the course of the research for this article, I couldn't find out.

At least five reasons why you should go ice alone

Even if many people treat the status of the solo traveler with great respect or a certain degree of rejection, in my opinion there are at least five reasons why you should definitely go on the ice alone. In line with today's plan-to-travel-alone-day, these should be outlined below:

  • You have to and can plan everything on your own. In this respect, you learn to take responsibility for yourself relatively quickly.
  • If a number of psychological studies are to be believed, then people who often go on the ice on their own are more spontaneous and adventurous.
  • The challenge of being on your own in an unfamiliar place can be extremely helpful in confronting or overcoming your fears and prejudices.
  • Humans are social animals and single travelers are on their own. Instead of remaining in your own social bubble, you are literally forced to approach others or to communicate with the local people with this form of travel.
  • The best reason, of course, at the end. You are completely your own master during the trip and can do exactly what you want. No lazy compromises and plenty of time for yourself.

With this in mind: Have a great plan for a Solo Vacation Day to all of you. Whether in the United States, Germany or anywhere else in the world. :)

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