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The best power management providers in the channel

Nothing works in IT without electricity. It's not just about getting the electricity out of the socket, but also about intelligently distributing it and, in the event of a problem, making it available for a short bridging period or even a longer emergency operation - even if it just doesn't come out of the socket.

The product range in this segment basically ranges from multiple socket outlets with switches, which are often sold in hardware stores, to diesel generators, which maintain operation in data centers if the failure exceeds the autonomy time of the UPS system and which is also sold by specialized data center equipment suppliers and is set up. The IT channel serves a vaguely demarcated segment somewhere in between.

The chances of generating lucrative additional business with the products are there. However, it is seldom the popular, "low-hanging fruit", because in addition to some know-how with regard to the installation and administration of the power management software, some knowledge from the field of electrical engineering is also required. As a result, IT resellers are also in competition with installers who tend to come from traditional network technology.

The field of providers is large and ranges from companies that primarily only market products in the entry-level area, to companies with at least their own development and at least some of their own production, to all-rounders for whom power management in the IT area is almost only a secondary business because they equip power plants and network operators on the side.

Power management by the IT channel is often underestimated

A valid evaluation of the provider is also difficult because only a few resellers deal intensively with the market. Many take power management projects with them when they arise, but don't focus on them. They can therefore only provide insufficient information on the manufacturer's channel support. Others delegate this part of their projects to sub-contractors. Here too, an evaluation of the manufacturer relationship is hardly meaningful.

All of these factors explain why only two very large providers in this segment made it into the ranking of Context and ChannelPartner. APC by Schneider Electric had the better end for itself. The manufacturer receives the Channel Excellence Award 2021 in the field of power management. This shows that the integration of APC into Schneider Electric, which was not always painless at the beginning, evidently succeeded in the end - also with regard to channel support. The respondents also gave Eaton a good rating. The company is recognized as a Preferred Vendor.

The third, large provider in the segment - Vertiv - has done a lot for the channel over the past two years under the leadership of Joachim Fischer and Ismaiyl Basusta and has started several channel initiatives. However, the company's formerly known as Emerson Network Power did not launch its first partner program until early summer 2019. The expansion of the Vertiv partner program - including additional, channel-suitable products and a co-marketing campaign together with the channel partners - only followed when Context's 2020 ChannelWatch survey was almost complete. The effects are not yet visible in the Channel Excellence Awards 2021. It can now be eagerly awaited how the efforts will be reflected in the 2022 evaluation.

Channel Excellence Award

1. Schneider Electric APC

Preferred Vendor

2. Eaton

Only companies rated by at least 50 resellers were included in the evaluation. In addition, Context has also included a qualitative criterion: "If the majority of the resellers surveyed rated the respective manufacturers and distributors as 'bad' or 'very bad', then these did not come into the ranking," explains Amanuel Dag. Anyone who has overcome these hurdles is awarded the "Preferred Distributor" or "Preferred Vendor" label. The respective winner of a category receives the "Channel Excellence Award".

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