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L-histidine: test & recommendations (05/21)

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If you want to find out more about the amino acid L-histidine and what effects it has, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find out everything you need to know about L-histidine so that you can decide whether it is worth taking L-histidine for you or not.

All information is from scientific sources and therefore you can learn a lot about this amino acid. You will find out everything about the effects, ingestion and natural occurrence of L-histidine. We are therefore pleased that you found our great L-histidine test 05/21.

the essentials in brief

  • L-histidine is an important amino acid that the body can produce itself in small quantities. L-histidine can also be called just histidine.
  • You can take L-histidine as capsules or tablets, both forms are tasteless. You can decide for yourself which of the two forms is more comfortable for you to take.
  • For adults, histidine is not a vital component, but for children and people with conical kidney failure, L-histidine is very important and it should definitely be considered whether L-histidine is also taken in the form of tablets or powder in addition to L-histidine in food should be.

L-histidine test: favorites of the editors

The best L-histidine tablets

These tablets contain a large number of amino acids, including L-histidine. With 18 amino acids, this product covers a wide range of amino acids that the body needs. There are around 320 tablets in a jar, each 1000 mg. One can can last up to 6 weeks or 40 days.

The tablets are free from colorings, preservatives, flavors and stabilizers. The amino acids are obtained from 100% vegan protein sources and are therefore ideally suited for vegans and vegetarians.

The best L-histidine powder

The L-histidine powder is made in the UK and each pack contains 250g. The powder is combined with nutrients such as arginine and beta-alanine so that the body can absorb the L-histidine even better. Athletes can also take this Preperar before exercising, as the intake promotes blood circulation.

Advice: Questions To Consider Before Buying L-histidine

To give you all the relevant information about L-histidine that you should know, we have summarized it for you here. All information is based on the latest scientific standards and has been carefully researched.

What is L-histidine?

The amino acid L-histidine is only of limited importance for our body. The body can produce this amino acid itself in small quantities, but the additional intake through food is very important. Ingestion is especially important for children in order to promote proper development. (1)
L-histidine belongs to the group of amino acids. L-histidine was discovered by scientists Kossel and Hedin in the late nineteenth century. (2)

L-histidine is significantly involved in the formation of red and white blood cells and ensures that the oxygen transport in your body works and the pH value of the circulating blood is also regulated. This stimulation of the blood cells also strengthens the immune system. (3)

Not only is the formation of blood cells stimulated, but blood pressure can also be lowered, as researcher Tuttle found out in a 2012 study. (4)

L-histidine can also be used in the treatment of chronic kidney failure, because the additional histidine in the blood reduces the susceptibility to inflammation and thus also the risk of suffering from kidney failure. This method of treatment has worked particularly well in older people. (5)

What are the symptoms of L-histidine deficiency?

The L-histidine level or level in the body can be measured in the blood or in the joint fluids. Symptoms associated with a lack of histidine are joint pain and stiffness in the joints.

If there is a deficiency, even open wounds can heal very poorly and the ingestion of histidine supports wound healing. (6)

How much does L-histidine cost?

Pure L-histidine costs between € 14.00 and € 40.00, you can also buy L-histidine in combination with other trace elements, such as zinc. L-histidine as tablets cost between € 10.00 and € 30.00 and L-histidine in powder form costs between € 10.00 and € 40.00.

Price differences arise because each pack has a different size or number of L-histidine and somewhat expensive products often contain other amino acids or elements such as zinc.

Type of L-histidine price
Pure L-histidine 14.00-40.00 euros
L-histidine tablets 10.00-30.00 euros
L-histidine powder 10.00-40.00 euros

What is the daily requirement of L-histidine?

The recommended daily requirement of L-histidine for adults is 8 to 12 milligrams per kilogram. Young children should consume up to 25 milligrams of L-histidine. L-histidine can mainly be ingested through food and this usually covers the daily requirement. (7)

In the case of stress and diseases such as conical kidney insufficiency, the need for L-histidine can be greater than in a healthy body. (8th)

When and for whom is L-histidine useful?