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Research conducted on behalf of HCL finds that large companies worldwide could save nearly $ 30 billion by consolidating SAP

LONDON, April 23 / PRNewswire / - A global survey has shown that establishments have an average of five

run separate SAP facilities

Research published today by HCL Enterprise Application Services (EAS) shows that consolidating their SAP instances could save large companies around the world a total of nearly $ 30 billion. The global survey of 225 CIOs focused on current and future use of SAP in their organizations and found that they run an average of five separate instances of SAP. In fact, more than a third (39%) said they run more than six instances. The results also showed that the average cost of deploying SAP per user per year is $ 1,518 and large organizations could realize savings of up to 25% by moving to a single instance.

"Many large companies around the world have an extensive SAP structure, but due to a fragmented software landscape, they are not in a position to act in a really uniform manner. For some respondents, there were legitimate reasons for running multiple instances, such as country-specific requirements. For however, a sizeable majority resulted from mergers and acquisitions or multiple implementations across businesses that were never streamlined or consolidated. "As the study shows, it can be very costly to support such an environment," said Steve Cardell, president of Enterprise Application Services at HCL.

The study also highlighted the prevalent use of outdated SAP versions, which are still used as central operating platforms. The latest version of SAP (ECC 6) is only used by about a third (37%) of companies, while more companies use ECC 5 (54%) and SAP 4.7 (44%). This is another indication that many companies are unsystematic about updating their SAP environments as their business areas expand.

Given SAP's enormous advance with SAP HANA, it is hardly surprising that the vast majority (80%) of those surveyed stated that the company's in-memory technology will play an important role.

The international survey of 225 large companies with sales of more than 1 billion US dollars was commissioned by HCL EAS and carried out by the independent market research company Vanson Bourne.

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