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Strange albums or: is that really needed in Black Metal?

As in every other branch of Metal, there are also bands in Black Metal (or its environment) where you just think to yourself: “What does that have to do with Black Metal? “In this section“ Strange Albums ”I will from time to time introduce albums or bands that don't really fit into the typical“ cliché ”in Black Metal. The focus is not so much on the musical aspect, but rather on the album concept or the whole band. If you have ideas, you are of course welcome to pass them on to me.

HOTH - Oathbreaker

About two and a half years ago I came across this album from the band from the States because an acquaintance said to me: It's funny, you have to get this. I am one of those people who also like to be surprised. And no, I don't think fun is something that belongs in Black Metal. But since said acquaintance is a weird owl and has a strange sense of humor anyway (sorry, Ulf), I followed his advice and bought it from the dealer I trusted. Two or three days later the package was in the mail. I took out the CD and had to sit down first. Sure, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but what the hell is Star Wars doing in Black Metal ??? Because the first glance fell on the logo, of course, and that jumped into my face in the form of a TIE fighter. Fortunately, I was already sitting ...

I then put the CD into the system and thought to myself that it couldn't get any worse now. Musically everything is well done and if you like a mixture of Melodic / Atmospheric / Black / Death Metal, the album is certainly quite nice for you, because the production doesn't hurt either (I think it's a bit too smooth and almost already "Catchy"). And I also think the guys are really serious about this. But: I don't listen to Black Metal to listen to lyrics about the misunderstood prophecy regarding Anakin Skywalker !!! As a musician and editor, it is basically very important to me to always see the bigger picture. With an album like “Oathbreaker” that is not particularly easy. Just listen to “Acolyte of the tenebrous night”: it sounds so much like old Dimmu Borgir or Old Man’s Child (yes, both snot, I know - that's my opinion too) that it's no longer solemn. And the melody that runs through the whole piece from the intro reminds me of the final part in some other song (which I annoyingly can't remember), where it was, however, played in high violin notes. You can steal really cheeky, even an average rating of 93% on Metal Archives doesn't change my opinion ...

To a certain extent, I found the album and the band concept funny, precisely because it's something you just don't expect in Black Metal. But strictly speaking, HOTH are not Black Metal and should therefore not be pigeonholed in this category. And to get serious: The scene generally doesn't need more than one band with such a concept. But if you have obscure records in your collection (like me), you can get the album. You can probably invest your money worse.

Oh yes: if you are still wondering what the boys actually look like:

HOTH - Oathbreaker
Melodic / Atmospheric / Black / Death Metal
Label / Distribution: Epicurus Records / Bandcamp (CD + Digital)
Running time: 55:18 minutes


I like it:

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