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Would you like to find out more about the makers of the career bible, their background and their motivation? Then you are right here. Let's start with what motivates us - or to put it another way: Why are we doing this? Very easily…

Our mission is that you and all other readers will not only find EVERYONE but also THE BEST job and career tips here. We want to be a good, serious advisor to you and provide you with a valuable and constantly growing compendium that is sometimes entertaining, but above all useful and helpful.

Or in short: We'll help your career take off.

Who is we"?

We - these are the makers of the career bible:

  • Jochen Mai, Founder / Editor-in-Chief
  • Nils Warkentin, Editor
  • Anja Rassek, Editor
  • Tilman Schulze, Editor


  • Sebastian Wolking, Freelancer

You can find out more about us HERE.

The trio: career bible, career questions, career leap

The well over 3700 guides, checklists, self-tests and dossiers are provided by a permanent editorial team with a journalistic background and in some cases years of experience in consulting and coaching. In addition, there are freelancers and guest authors, so that between three and five new articles appear every day.

This makes the career bible one of the most successful and relevant job and application portals in the German-speaking area today. The site reaches more than four million readers per month (more details can be found in our media data) - and the trend is rising.

The sister site Karrierefragen.de - a counseling community - has existed since 2015. Anyone looking for advice and having questions is just as welcome to answer career questions as anyone who wants to pass on their experience and answer questions. The site lives from experts, coaches, trainers and consultants taking part, sharing knowledge and helping those seeking advice.

Since 2016 we also have our own job exchange: Karrieresprung.de - with constantly updated job offers. In addition: Around 400 job profiles for numerous apprenticeships or highly qualified jobs - including job advertisements. As well as application tips and employer profiles. Just have a look…

Who Are The Readers Of The Career Bible?

Today, Karrierebibel.de is read by graduates and young professionals as well as by specialists and executives as well as decision-makers from HR management, social media managers and numerous influencers.

The core target group includes urban workers between the ages of 18 and 58 with an annual income between 20,000 and 90,000 euros, the slight majority of whom are women (52 percent).

Most of all, we are happy about the feedback from our readers, whom we have been able to help many times on their career path.

Now you know who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via social media. In addition, we would be delighted if you too would soon be one of our regular readers ...

And if you are interested in the development history of the career bible, you can still read it here:

I hope you enjoy reading it and even more success after reading it!

Jochen Mai
Founder and editor of the career bible