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RingCentral Office is a unified communications solution that enables users to send and receive business calls, voice messages, faxes, and text messages anywhere. Organizations of all sizes can empower their employees to improve the way they communicate with their customers, partners and colleagues by enabling them to work from any device, anywhere.

RingCentral Office offers a comprehensive set of features that can be used to optimize business communications by turning BYOD (bring your own device) devices into corporate telephones. This allows users to manage the entire business phone system from anywhere in the world on their own desktop computer or smart device. Users can add and switch users, manage extensions and groups, assign phones and much more. The platform also enables employees to review business voicemails, send and receive business faxes, and access the corporate directory.

RingCentral Office's conferencing capabilities allow users to set up or participate in video, voice, and online meetings. With multiple local, toll-free and international numbers available, organizations can maintain their company's local presence. Teams can use RingCentral as a collaborative cloud workspace to manage projects and share files more productively with their preferred accessory or device.

Call management features can be customized by configuring answer rules, call forwarding, message notifications, and missed call notifications. Additional features include automatic call recording, call flip, call parking and call screening, as well as shared lines, intercom and paging. The solution also allows users to send and receive text messages from the company's business number. RingCentral Office offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

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